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SEO Isn’t Just About Clicks: How to Reap 3 Side Benefits of SEO

October 6th, 2009 | | Basic SEO Tips

The benefits of Search Engine Optimization are greater sales leads and recognition. The main focus of any SEO campaign is bringing the website to as many eyes as possible to generate leads. The main focus of any SEO company is to convert as many of those leads as possible through easy communication and usability.

However, it is very easy – insanely easy – to neglect a few extra activities in your campaign that will greatly enhance your marketing and the customer experience you want to portray.

1. Email marketing
Your contact forms on your landing pages should require an email address. That seems like a no-brainer, but the purpose of doing so is not to just have a way to contact leads, it’s to develop a future relationship with your audience. However, a periodic email of latest offers is fine, but everyone does that. Why not include something that has nothing to do with your trade, but is of general interest?

2. Use the strongest landing page content in other marketing materials.
Nothing is more quick to measure behavioral responses than web pages. A/B testing your pages is, again, a no-brainer. But one idea that is neglected using the strongest content in other mediums – brochures, radio, TV, email blasts, newspaper/magazine ads. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel as far as your marketing goes.

3. Ditching what doesn’t work for good.
If you use an analytics package like Google Analytics, you can see which pages are being clicked on the most, read the most and existed from the most. Your website might have dead-weight that is only taking up space on your server. If not one lead has converted from those pages in over 4 months, ditch it. No-brainer, right? Well, make sure you don’t have any of that marketing language or angle in any of your other materials. It is now proven to waste money and missed opportunities.

If your SEO is generating leads, that means it is hitting people where it hurts.  That’s what you want! Exposing the pain of potential customers and positioning yourself as the salve.  The beauty of SEO and PPC is rapidness of the response of the public to your offerings.  Companies pay marketing firms to test their products in focus groups to find out what people prefer.  Companies buy email lists to spam out their messages.  Companies hire consultants to figure out why no one wants their product.  SEO brings these concepts a little closer to home as long as you make sure to not leave them behind.

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  • Nate Dodson

    Good e-mail marketing point about occasionally sending out a non-pitch e-mail with a general interest message. The most common reasons I unsubscribe to e-mail marketing campaigns are if the content is irrelevant to my purchase or always lacking a human element. I think it can work asking for the sale on a regular basis, but use some clever copy to humanize your message. In my experience, those human touches are key.

    Great points about using SEO data lessons on all other marketing materials.