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SEO Boy’s Super Friends Interview Series: SEO Abroad, Content Licensing and More with Rand Fishkin

Posted By Joe On April 29, 2009 @ 7:42 am In Advanced SEO Tips,Interviews,Podcasts | No Comments

Thanks for joining us for the newest installment of SEO Boy’s Super Friends Interview Series! Today we are delighted to chat with The Wizard of Moz himself, Rand Fishkin! Rand is the brains behind SEOmoz [1], one of the most respected SEO resources and communities in the world. Rand is also a well-traveled speaker, and just recently returned from engagements at the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference and SMX Sydney.

SEO Boy authors John and Carrie spoke with Rand about the evolution of international SEO practices, awesome link building techniques [2], Rand’s favorite headsmacking tips (confirmation emails [3],incentivize links [4]), and the emerging practice of content licensing.

It’s a pleasure to get inside the head of Mr. Randfish [5], and we here at SEO Boy are thankful for your time Rand!

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