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SEO Boy’s SEO Audit Podcast – Lewellyn.com

September 15th, 2009 | | Podcasts

Today marks our first SEO Audit Podcast here at SEO Boy! We’re getting things started with Lewellyn.com. They provide electrical safety consulting and maintenance training services for safety supervisors at factories and various other large facilities.

The SEO Boy team has provided some tips on elements of the site that could be modified to increase Lewellyn’s  SEO conversion rates and rankings. Topics covered in the podcast are as follows:

  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Content Suggestions
  • Meta Data: Optimizing page titles, meta descriptions, anchor text, alt text, etc. Remember to incorporate keywords.
  • Using 301 re-directs and the canonical tag to avoid duplicate content.
  • Video Optimization Techniques
  • Sitemaps (.html and .xml) and Robots.txt Files
  • and

  • Setting up webmaster tools accounts in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Lewellyn’s core keywords are: Arc Flash, Electrical Safety, Training, and NFPA 70E.

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1. SEO Boy’s SEO Audit Podcast: Lewellyn.com (11.5 MB, .mp3)

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Here is a quick snapshot of the Lewellyn.com Homepage:

Lewellyn Technology Homepage

Lewellyn Technology Homepage

Do you think you could benefit from an SEO Audit Podcast? Just review our submission guidelines and then submit your request. If selected, your site will be reviewed and featured on the SEO Boy Blog!

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