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Review: New Twitter vs. Hootsuite

October 1st, 2010 | | Social Media & SEO

Wow, Christmas came early. I got New Twitter within 48 hours of it coming out. I did a little dance. Just a little one. Because I was skeptical about it.

For me, Twitter is nothing without HootSuite. All the data streaming down like a waterfall. Like something out of The Matrix. All you have to do is filter it to your liking. And to me, there’s no better way to parse, segment, combine and monitor the conversation than with HootSuite.

But a few friends who got it first and whose opinion I trust say that new Twitter is a wonderful experience. One even went so far as to say it’s the best way to view Twitter.

So I had to give it a go.

Why I like New Twitter

There are a couple things that New Twitter does that HootSuite doesn’t do. And, “no,” “suck,” isn’t one of them.

The first reports on new Twitter undersold how the embeddable content was going to enhance the experience. With the two panel approach, Twitter shows a multi-tiered cross section of information on each tweet you select. You can see the conversation thread (like in HootSuite) but new Twitter takes it a step farther, offering the bio of the other person in the tweet as well as the recent history of hashtags or @ mentions in the tweet.

Not only that, but if there’s a geotag link in the tweet – such as from foursquare, new Twitter will give you information on tweets in that area.

All the information shows up on the right side panel when you highlight a tweet. And comes with a scroll bar so you can parse through the data.

Why New Twitter Still Doesn’t Seem to Understand

And here’s where the face-palm comes in…

Up top on the left hand column they let you go through the data as it applies to you:

  • Timeline
  • Mentions
  • ReTweets (which they still don’t get right)
  • Searches
  • Lists

And the let you save searches. And if you hunt and peck around you can find the following, followers, and the favorites. BUT…

You can only read one list at a time.

All the possible conversations one can follow. All the hashtags, all the threads, all the lists, and Twitter still only allows you to read them one at a time.

As opposed to HootSuite (and TweetDeck), that offers 10 columns of data at a time. And multiple account support. And enterprise level support – in the case of at least HootSuite – that will allow for multiple accounts to use one Twitter profile and notify users which account replied to which Tweet.

I’ll play around with New Twitter more and enjoy the way in which their display data from a selected tweet. But there’s simply too many conversations to watch to be forced to go one list at a time. And if you are like me and run multiple accounts for businesses and organizations, then Twitter is a Greek Hell:  an eyelash out of reach of perfection.

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  • http://harechevy.com Indiana Chevy Dealers

    Im with you on the Hootsuite thing but remember we like it mainly for business reasons. If I used Twitter just because and didnt know a bunch of cool tech geeks like you I would be in love with new Twitter. Now back to Hootsuite. (When is Hoot going to drop that 10 column max on the featured tab?)

    Chris Theisen
    Director of Digital Communications
    Hare Chevrolet

    • Finn

      Yeah, but in the same breath, being able to see you home feed, replies, messages, and sents on the same screen at the same time has to be a simple luxury even the most novice of tweeps would blues for. How hard is that to get right?

      • http://harechevy.com Indiana Chevy Dealers

        That is also very true. Once again you are right.

  • http://thatshortguy.wordpress.com Jeff Duff

    Well you sold me on HootSuite! I’ve been debating on signing up or not (free vs. Premium — do I get the full experience?).

    Need something web based when I can’t use TweetDeck or Seesmic. Here goes nothing!

    • Finn

      Tell me what you think? And when you realize you can use Facebook fan pages, and the mobile version allows for foursquare as well…and you can set up your Ping account to syndicate all your social media profiles through Hootsuite, you don’t go back :-)

  • http://www.dragonblogger.com Justin Germino

    I found myself that out of 100 surveyed tweets only 3 had links that leveraged showing information in the right bar, most people are using bit.ly, owl.ly or actual website links and it completely makes the right pane almost pointless. The should include shortcut list links so you can simply have a list without having to drop down and select your list every time.

    • Finn

      But that would involve thinking about how the product works. The smartest thing Twitter ever did was open up their API and letting developers figure it out for them.

  • Ramubay

    New Twitter is dumbing down for the down and dumb. What I mean by that, if you know how to use Twitter effectively you created a background with URL’s of your blogs and website, branding with your image and product photos or books. It really looked like a website and drew followers. Those that were too stupid to do that (those that clicked on pre-made backgrounds like clouds or strips or something stupid and boring like that) now have it done for them but obviously with NO branding or URLS. Its just basically for kids and those with intellects to match. They shouldn’t call it New Twitter. They should call it DUMB Twitter.

    • Finn

      Twitter has a tendency to be successful in spite of itself. But, it’s beautiful in the same breath.

      Thanks for the thoughts! Which tool do you end up using?

    • http://harechevy.com Indiana Chevy Dealers

      New Twitter has nothing to do with backgrounds at all. Sure they now take away alot of that custom background functionality that business Twitter users & bloggers liked to harp on but that most regular users could care less about and got little value from. Most people look to someones tweet stream to decide whether to follow or interact and could give two craps about their fancy designed background. I did an unscientific survey and found that most everyone didnt even bother to look at backgrounds. New Twitter isnt about branding or backgrounds its about bringing features of 3rd party apps to casual users who may or may not know or want to get into 3rd party apps. New Twitter helps make Twitter more relevant for the masses and as someone who seems to use it for business, this should make you happy. Maybe those kids and people with kid like intellects want to pay you money, either now or in the future.

  • http://www.oddity.quirkdesign.co.uk Lisa

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the new twitter. I’d been using Hootsuite which was much better than the old twitter particularly with the ability to do URL shortening on one screen rather than having to find another program to do that. The one are where I’m finding the new twitter to outdo hootsuite is speed. I find it to be much quicker in loading tweets than hootsuite but maybe I’m doing something wrong. Either way I’ll be using both for the time being.

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