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Review: Having Planned in the Shadows of Google Caffeine

June 16th, 2010 | | Crawlability, Search Behavior

Back in August 2009 the SEO World was teased by the anticipated launch of Google Caffeine. We were giving a place to play with it. And then Google threw Caffeine on one of the live servers and we got to Google-Dance with it all the way through the holidays.

And as January 2010 rolled around, a funny thing happened:  we got Caffeine-deprived. The launch date was pushed back. But it gave us a time to plan for what was to come.

Now it’s June and Google Caffeine is out…

And so far, it was much worth the wait.

What is Google Caffeine?

Google Caffeine is the new way the search engine indexes web traffic. To paraphrase Matt Cutts at 2010 SMX Advanced: the old index was like waiting at the bus station for the next bus; Caffeine is like getting off the plane and having a limo waiting for you at the door.

Here’s the video from SMX Advanced.

How Does Google Caffeine Work?

To understand how Caffeine works, it’s best to remember how the old(er) system worked…

Google would send out its bots to take text copies of batches of the website. The content would then be processed on the servers and the changes would be pushed live in one shot. Now, Googlebots indexes a page, processes it, and ranks it nearly instantly. And it doesn’t stop at websites. Social Media sites and video are all fair game. If it’s publicly accessible, it’s liable to get indexed before you know it.

Initial Tests Show…

I’ve seen a couple sites pushed live this week. The site had no promotion, no backlinks, no url history, and we just put it in Google Webmaster before we checked and found the site already indexed.

I also did one of those things where I published a blog post before I edited it, then realized I forgot Caffeine was live, went to check to see (hope it wasn’t) indexed, and found it was already indexed.

I also wrote another post and set a search to see how fast it would indexed. The result:  it literally took seven seconds to have the post indexed and ranked in Google.

What this means.

  1. Make sure you edit your content first.
  2. If you can do it this quickly, so can your competitors. – Keep on top of your keyword rankings.

If I had to guess…

I’d say Google reestablished its relevance with Caffeine. Like Cutts says in the above video, Google’s showing ALL content – real time and relevant, in a blend that keeps Google authentic, established, and trustworthy.

Have you played with your site’s SEO since Caffeine went live?

What do you think?

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