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Rethinking the Newsletter for Local SEO efforts

Posted By Eric On September 1, 2009 @ 12:39 pm In Local SEO | No Comments

Most businesses of a certain size start flirting with the idea of having a company newsletter. Newsletters began as a way to disseminate information to employees when meetings weren’t practical. But newsletters grew as a way to cultivate the existing customer database.

Notices of sales, new employees, new products, location changes, community participation; these are points of interest hailed as perfect fodder for newsletters.  With eNewsletters being emailed out, a convenience was placed on the poor postage meter and the content was now at the whim of the junk mail filter.  Whether or not you personally like the idea of newsletters, there is something here that is very important for your SEO effort.  Your newsletter is a source of content.

Content is King

Ask any web marketing guru if your website should keep having content be added and he’ll say “Yes.”  Without content, your site doesn’t have much to say and the website visitor will wonder if you are actually doing anything or if the site was abandoned long ago [1].  Not only does it make your site easier to index in the search engines you will give an edge to your thought leadership.

Unique Content is King-er

King-er? More King?  Anyway, the content you come up with has a great advantage of all the repeated and shallow content [2]that is out there.  Content farms try to sell as much content as possible to as many people who will buy it to post it on their site.  With ploys of promising “articles on your industry ready to go” and “look like a pro with our content,” I wonder how many times it has been around the corner so-to-speak.  If you create your own content, you are already miles ahead of your local competition.

Content doesn’t have to be weighty

I remember talking to a CEO about blogging and they were reluctant on the whole idea.  “What’s the point?”  Well, after giving her some reasons, the whole crux of the argument came down to the writing ability and the scholarly-ness of the piece.  When I told her that it didn’t have to be deep or lengthy, but addressed the topic completely from a perspective of an industry insider – that’s all she needed.  It’s about having something, anything that shows the visitor that you are aware of what’s going on in your industry and you have something to say about it.

Newsletter Articles Reworked

Maybe you have an industry newsletter article about “heavy lifting” and the dangers therein.  Rather than send that article to the eventual recycle pile, recover it as a page on your site.  Expand on it, put 3rd party links on there.  Put in a safety section that ties to other safety concerns.  You have now taken a one time flash-in-the-pan article and created a page that adds thought leadership and maybe some key indexing for topics that are dealt within your business.

Don’t Archive.  Display.

There was one client who archived all their newsletters online in a document format.  The articles were great and could be reworked to remove any shelf life.  Once it was seen that no one was looking through their archives, they agreed to repurpose the content into blogs and fill out some product pages.  The eNewsletter now has a new purpose.

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