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Real World SEO: When competition is light

Posted By Eric On November 10, 2009 @ 4:07 pm In Basic SEO Tips,Local SEO | No Comments

Most companies think they can’t afford an SEO campaign.  The truth is you can not NOT afford an SEO campaign.  Despite the right number of double negatives, the better truth is that your SEO campaign probably won’t need to be “huge” based on your existing competition.

Remember, you aren’t competing against everybody, just anyone who would either be a match for your keywords or keywords plus location. Are your sales dropping because your online presence isn’t present on the first page of results? Who is your main competition? Online sales and promotion can give your competition a large edge, but its power is only as much as the quality and depth as the optimization.

For instance, my brother-in-law is quite the awesome professional photographer.  Despite some attempts to tell him not to have his website as a solid flash object [1], I was able to convince him to put his subject of photography and location along with his name.  Although it was one of those “yeah, sure, I’ll get to it” conversations on a cell phone through a Starbucks, I thought that he might do it this time.

A few months later, I hear that he was approached by an ad agency who was on the search for his style of photography in his area.  Shocked and surprised, he asked they got his name.  “We searched for x-style of photography in “city, state” and we found you.”  I double checked and he was the second result.  His flash site, with a title tag upgrade, got him a 2nd spot on Google for his keyword. He was 2nd because the #1 person put both city and state, whereas he only put his city. That type of placement is possible because the competition isn’t as fierce.  Since there wasn’t a lot of competition, he doesn’t have to dump his flash site for more in-depth SEO tweaks and inbound linking campaigns.  It was low hanging fruit.  Your competition possibly is just as tame on your keywords.  It’s a place to start and see what comes of it.

So how do you start?

1. Keep reading this blog!  Peruse the basics [2] and keep in mind that people are looking for your services and products.  They are! Now make it easier for them to find you.

2. If you are curious about any SEO topic or method, ask the writers!

3. Try it! Go ahead and make some changes, see what happens.  Nothing we suggest will send you to Google Hell. [3]

4. Want more customized ideas for your site?  Contact us [4].

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