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Quoth the Raven…

March 30th, 2011 | | SEO Tools

As an English minor nerd, the first thing I thought about when I saw an article for Raven SEO tools was Poe’s poem, “The Raven.” This piqued my interest further when the 12 year old inside me realized this was an excuse to link to The Simpsons Halloween episode where the parody “The Raven,” and also watch it while on the clock. So I began diligently researching both, and then also into Raven SEO Tools. After my initial “research,” my following (and legitimate) research found out that Raven SEO Tools is definitely something to consider utilizing for any SEO clients you may be taking on. In the following paragraphs, there will be a brief rundown of the different benefits and tools that Raven SEO Tools offers.

Not Raven SEO Tools, but still pretty cool.

The first key benefit is at the keyword level. Raven offers a few easy ways to analyze any site for keywords that it ranks for, both organically and paid. With Research Assistant, you can enter in a URL of a site, and this tool will show you the site’s top keywords, as well as the top competition for those keywords. It also works at the keyword level—enter in a keyword to find related keywords and pages that rank for them.

Next, in terms of SEO (there are many PPC applications for Raven SEO Tools, but this blog is not for PPC), Raven SEO Tools has many link building assistants. Link manager allows you to quickly and easily organize any site you have linked to, allowing you to also assign statuses to these links for easy reminders. In addition, Contact Manager will instantly catalogue all contact data from the webmaster you are attempting to link to, and will also archive any contacts you may have had with him or her. Site Finder takes any keyword that you enter and churns out domains that are related, then also determines which domain would give you the most “link juice.” Backlink Explorer lets you see who is linking to your site or other sites, and allows you the ability to find out who your competitors are linking with. This can help shape a link building strategy. And finally, Quality Analyzer allows you explore the credibility of sites that you link to or link to you, as viewed by the major search engines, granting you the ability to decide which links are truly important to your campaign.

Raven’s blogging tools are pretty effective as well (although, take a look at my earlier post about Scribe to see a specialized WordPress SEO tool), offering you the ability to link your WordPress account into the Raven interface, and also write and post directly from it. Much like Scribe, Raven will also analyze your post to show you what keywords you are targeting in your writing, and will also identify what age group and reading level your writing style will appeal to. And most interestingly, the Textbroker tool lets you buy articles from authors. You can name your topic, keywords you want in the copy, word count, and a deadline, and an author from Textbroker will write a blog article for you for a fee. Raven offers some old tricks for the blogging for SEO game, but also offers a wrinkle in being able to order content.

And finally, Raven SEO Tools offers a great automated monitoring system. The SERP tracker offers comprehensive ranking data for keywords for any website you want. You can tag a keyword, and track it’s progression in page rank on the SERPs. Also, you can see the keyword’s progression on other sites as well, in a side-by-side comparison. This tracking also comes in handy with social media—you can track Tweets, Facebook users, Youtube videos, mentions of your company in any realm of social media, virtually anything on the major social media platforms that is said about your company can be tracked and analyzed. And in addition to this, you can add your Google Analytics account into your interface, allowing for seamless integration of several information streams.

To conclude, Raven SEO Tools is a good way to combine many of the tedious aspects of SEO and organize them effectively. Be it from keyword research and SERP rankings, to effective blog techniques for SEO (be it from you or from someone else writing…), to tracking all the major forms of social media, Raven SEO Tools makes SEO easier. Being able to effectively navigate between multiple streams of information makes Raven SEO Tools worth a look.

Bryan is an Assistant Account Executive at Hanapin Marketing, a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through PPC and SEO.

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  • http://www.nevermoresearch.com Mike Wilton

    I’ve been a user of Raven since the beginning and I love their toolset. I was quoted recently saying that they are quickly becoming the Swiss Army knife of SEO tools, as it seems they are constantly expanding their abilities and partnerships. I think aside from the tools themselves, they make it a great reporting system for clients. Since they easily put everything in one place it opens up the opportunity to easily report data to clients regarding rankings, analytics, links built, and the like. Great toolset and its great to see the Hanapin team utilizing them.

  • Anonymous

    There’s soon to be a movie called “The Raven”, starring John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe investigating murders based on the poem.

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