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Planning in the Shadows of Google Caffeine

March 4th, 2010 | | SEO Management

Last week I started talking about how I’ll adopt the Dr. Gregory House method of SEO Strategy:

“When in Doubt, Plan Broad.”

And like in the situation to which I was referring, the strategy has been effective (well, it will be right up to the point where the marketing plan will be defined and I have to reshape my plans).

But here’s the fear that is starting to dominate my SEO planning:

Where has Google Caffeine gone?

Remember Google Caffeine? It’s only supposed to be the biggest single solitary change to Google’s indexing servers….ever.

A Reminder of What Google Caffeine Is

For those who have forgotten, before the PR nightmare better known as Google Buzz took over the Mountain View-based company’s 2010 headlines, Google Caffeine is going to be the new indexing system that’s going to determine SERPs. Google offered users trips into the sandbox to see how the indexing could change.

We were told that the Change would happen sometime after the 2009 Holiday Season. The change was announced to affirm webmasters that the company learned their lesson when it comes to changing the algorithm during the biggest online shopping season of the year.

And to this point, they haven’t gone against their announcements. It is after the 2009 Holiday Season. The change did not occur before.

But now it’s March 2010 and the implementation of Google Caffeine has not occurred – that we know of.

Since the fallout from Google Buzz it’s been quiet.

Too quiet

Not much chatter on Google Caffeine to be found. And that has me worried. At the writing of this post. The words “Google” and “caffeine” still aren’t threatening to crack Twitter trends any time soon. Even as SMX West is underway.

Search Engine Land reports that Caffeine may be “months” away. That’s like hitting the dartboard and calling it a bullseye.

Is Google Buzz the reason we haven’t seen Google Caffeine yet?

I can’t say one way or the other, but Buzz has had its fill of attention. Maybe even Google is afraid of the third time being the cursed charm.

  • First comes Wave
  • then comes Buzz
  • then comes Caffiene in the baby carriage

Are you planning for Google Caffeine yet? Do you know what to plan for?

I don’t. And it will take a good argument to convince me of the effectiveness of the strategies of those who claim to know.

At least, today.

Such as life as an SEO specialist planing in the shadows of Google Caffeine.

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