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My Personal SEO Conundrum: Seeking the Key to Link Bait Success

February 26th, 2009 | | Link Building

With this week’s launch of our Unsexy SEO articles, my mind is weighing heavily on link bait, and how to successfully launch new content and capture links.  As a relatively new site with a growing readership, I’m brainstorming on the many ways to market this great content (OK, so maybe I’m a bit biased) and get the most bang for my buck.  But I’m struggling.

I’ve got a good handle on link building and even know how to generate links with great content (I’ve been doing it successfully for 2 years over at PPCHero.com).  But launching new content for link bait on a site that is established is immensely easier.  Having a new site makes this a whole new challenge.  Together with my boss, and a few others, I’ve been brainstorming on how to leapfrog the process and really start generating links – and more importantly – readers!

Here are a few of my ideas (not really anything groundbreaking, but it’s my list and I’m sticking to it):

  • Leverage industry contacts and request help with Sphinn, Digg, Redditt, etc.  Might even beg for an editorial link on their blogs if I have to.
  • I’ve already gone the Twitter route.  Yeah SEOBoy!  But there’s an apparent lack of interest, and I’m gonna have to take a step back and reevaluate that one.
  • Enhance user options w/ easy access to social submission sites like Stumbleupon, Digg, and even Sphinn.  And I’ve even considered implementing an “email a friend” function.  The site is currently lacking in these areas.
  • What about supporting content at Squidoo and Hubpages?  I’m not sold on this one just yet – it would be an easy link, but wouldn’t necessarily leapfrog the readership and link bait aspect.
  • Because of the “new site factor” I’m considering some push marketing with email blasts.  I’m gonna play that one close to the chest though.
  • And then there’s always the other social media sites – Facebook, MySpace, etc.  I don’t have a presence there for SEOBoy.com just yet – but I could.  But would it help?

So, I’m still working through this, but I’ll be burning through these ideas in the next few days and weeks.  If you fall under one of the aforementioned categories… be warned!

Does anyone have some solid ideas for leapfrogging the “new site factor” and gaining some great link bait traction with some equally great content?

Facebook   IN   Stumble Upon   Twitter   Sphinndo some of that social network stuff.
  • http://www.creativetraction.com Duane Brown


    The only reason I wouldn’t follow you guys on Twitter is that I already have you in my feed. There would have to be a major up side for me to do both. Just started learning SEO last fall and I’m enjoying the blog so far. Keep up the great work and content.

  • http://www.seoboy.com John

    @ Duane,

    Thanks for the comment! I can certainly understand over-saturation. You track a blog via their feed, but then you have 30 other options for accessing content, interacting with the writers, etc. It’s an interesting game, we play, isn’t it?

    In my experience, when I subscribe to a blog AND follow them on Twitter, Facebook, etc. – the good ones are providing unique commentary and adding to the discussion in those other forums. That’s what I’m trying to do with SEOBoy.com – so keep that in mind. : )

    What I’m really trying to get to the bottom of is how to effectively leverage ALL of those outlets to hit the link bait idea out of the park. And I haven’t found the right bat yet…

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  • http://www.creativetraction.com Duane Brown

    Hey John

    That makes total sense and what one should be doing if they want someone to grab their feed and follow them on Twitter. Keep at it.. you’ll find SEOBoy’s sweet spot for getting out there.