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Optimizing your Usability

June 8th, 2010 | | Usability

Reviewing your website stats after a year of traffic is always a good thing to do. For higher visited websites, you should review after a large number of visitors – 1000 is easy to work with math-wise, at least for me. If your website is giving you great results, you may be tempted to just let it lay there, but you may be missing some opportunities.

Review your top content pages

What are the pages that people are using the most? How long are they staying on them? How are they using them? You may be shocked to find that some people don’t read every page on your website. With the pages that are rarely visited, or never visited, take a look at where they are placed on your site.

Are they more than one click deep into your site?
Is it focused for one message?
Do they have strong calls-to-action on it?

Expand opportunities by adding more content akin to a top performing page on a new page with alternate title tags and keywords. Even though Google can pick up on some synonyms, it’s not perfect.

Review your returning vs. new visitors

Low numbers of returning visitors may point to a lacking website or it might be a sign of growth. Sounds vague? Well, it depends on the type of site you have. If you are a content-providing site and your returning visitor number is non-existent, you could theorize that people are not thrilled after seeing your site and moved on. If your new visitor number is low, it could mean you have a loyal fan base, but you aren’t growing as much as you could.

Review your focus

Your website needs to reflect your business model, not emulate the latest in Internet fads. Some things may make sense to add, but others make no sense and can distract your visitors from buying something from you. So make a strong case on why you should add extra content like a weather forecast, sports scores, headline news feeds, stock tickers, funny pictures, social buttons, games and affiliate advertising. Keep your visitors on a path to an answer they need. Don’t turn your site into another Yahoo or iGoogle.

Review your customer paths

Take a hard look at your website and map out where each customer-type you have would go on your site. Match that to your site overlays and hot spots and see if you need to corral visitors into a tighter path. Remember, you want people to make a decision on your site – to use you now or use you later for each path on your website.

As you continue in your SEO campaign, increasing the conversions of leads from your SEO efforts will become a win-win for you and your customers because you are focusing on giving them what you want.

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