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News Update: Google Instant Previews—‘Flash’dance, Anyone?

May 10th, 2011 | | News Update

Some of you may have read my News Update on PPC Hero a couple of weeks ago which covered Google’s release of the Instant Preview feature in the advertising sector of the search engine. Google continues their expansion and optimization of the Instant Preview feature with the recent announcement that Flash-based websites will no longer show up as empty white boxes in the Instant Preview window!

This screenshot, provided by Google, shows a website’s Instant Preview, as it will now appear with the Flash addition. However, this announcement is not without some explanation as to how it functions, since it does not seem the new feature works for all Flash websites.

Google explained in their release statement that, essentially, when Flash pages are generated in the SERPs, the platform takes a snapshot of the page with Flash components “frozen.” There is an exception: if the page was triggered using the “Google Web Preview” user-agent, the Instant Preview will be presented with an ‘Install Flash’ message. But don’t fret! Google also provides a couple tips on how to improve your previews when they are results from on-demand agents.

So, for those of you with a Flash-based website who may have noticed a drop in your site visits since the introduction of Instant Preview in November, keep a look out on your numbers and see if they go back up with the new addition to the feature. Then come back and leave a comment below to let the staff at SEO Boy and our readers know how the change has or has not affected your site traffic!

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