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My 2 Cents on Twitter and SEO

April 28th, 2009 | | Social Media & SEO

Even though it’s only a couple of years old, Twitter’s popularity is apparent. From hosting and attending TweetUps to Tweetspam, it’s a force unto itself. But there’s a problem: What do you do with it?

No-Follow Tags

Links from Twitter to your web page won’t pass link juice, so look elsewhere for linkbuilding.

Fluffity Puffity Fluff

Micro-blogging can really lend itself to a lot of unimportant or self-important posts that can really dilute your message. Some may argue that it ads a human element, I would say adding a post that just said “Landed in Tulsa” won’t be very effective for anything.


Using Twitter to lead people to other sites may be a real possibility, but there’s a reason they haven’t allowed renamed hyperlinks. Besides giving short URL hosting companies some traffic, I think the whole Twitter thing is meant for something else …

It’s Not About You

It’s my opinion that the only reason to be of value to anyone is to NOT talk about yourself. Rather than stating that you have a wonderful peach salsa that you would like to sell, talk about salsa tips, salsa recipes and salsa types. In other words, you are going to have to become a thought leader that helps someone achieve their goals – salsa related or not.

SEO Possibilities

I have two Twitter accounts and neither add much in the way of SEO. Instead, I have tried to turn them into branding machines to aid in an overall Online Marketing strategy that aids in the online branding of the items.

Best ways to use Twitter

1. Immediate Coupons – Yes, I hinted above about my displeasure of twitter links, but here is something a bit different.  A link to an actual coupon and not a “system” or “participation program” in order to get something later.  Immediate results from an immediate click.

2. Practical Tips – If you are a thought leader in your industry, share your knowledge before the other thought leader does.  You may know the same thing, but if you say it first, you own it.  If you state you have 24 hour service before the other guy, you become known for it and forces the other company into a “me too!” position.  Tips such as “use a pencil eraser to remove LCD screen scratches” might perk a little interest into going to your main site.

3. Timing advice – Are there things you wish your customers knew at the beginning of a month, week or day?  Then share it! ”Remember to change your furnace filter” “Remember Mother’s day next week!”

In conclusion, is Twitter a powerful SEO tool? Not exactly.  Is it powerful for online branding? Depends on how many use it and in what industry, but if you decide to use it, use it consistently and try to think how each post can help your followers.

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