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Maximizing Local SEO Conversions with Temporary Content

August 11th, 2009 | | Local SEO

One of the advantages of working in Local SEO is that you can use the events in your community to theorize an increase or decrease in site traffic.  Of course, you need to be acutely aware of how your business site is tied to your community.

A client of mine is one of the largest HVAC companies in central Kentucky.  Their business is very weather-driven.  What that means is that once the temperatures hits 80 degrees, the phones start ringing and the online forms start coming over the site.  The next surge comes when the temperature hits 90.  As you can imagine, summers are pretty hectic for A/C repairs.

But this summer posed a problem.

So far in Kentucky the temperature had yet break 90 making it one of the most mild summers in 100 years.  Being originally from Kansas, I never went outside in August due to the heat.  I worshiped the god of Freon as I played the NES.  Kentucky isn’t any better.  So seeing the thermometer hang around 83 in Kentucky is very head-scratching.  This posed a huge problem for HVAC companies who use the work during the summer to coast to the winter.

So how can Local SEO help?

Well, if people don’t need your services it makes it more difficult unless you capitalize on a small window of opportunity.  This past weekend the weather was fore-casted as breaking 90 degrees for the first time this “summer.”  Rather than just leave the current site as it is, perhaps we could goose the conversions even more by changing the site for the hotter weekend.

This is what we did:

  1. Made a special offer for this weekend
  2. Took out most of the homepage and put in it’s place a “Billy Mays” styled look that featured the offer
  3. Encouraged people to not wait until Monday but call the number now to get the service “today” with our on-call crew.

The special offer answers the “why now?” question as well as the encouragement to call.  People without A/C will not wait for a submitted web form.  If they do, they’re going to call anyway.  Though we like to measure “goals” through web forms, the bottom line is the number of sales of service.  Because the offer was made for the weekend, the requests for the offer becomes the measureable goal.

Did it work?

The temperature broke 90 on Saturday and I checked the stats.  Respectable, but only 1 web form submitted.  Sunday proved better with 2 web forms.  It was hotter and the real numbers would be how the phones rang requesting the offer.  Come Monday, I checked with the call center manager and the calls came in!  As predicted, the people by-passed the web form and called directly.  It’s as if the website offer was used as a deflector dish to get people to the phone to contact us faster.  Awesome!

Monday morning I changed the website back to what it was before the weekend.  Calls and a few more web forms came through in the morning.  I guess people did decide to wait until Monday after all.

What’s this mean?

Local SEO is not just making your website come up within a zip code, but it’s also positioning yourself within the conditions within your community to squeeze as many conversions as you can.  Changing the content temporarily helps focus your website for a limited amount of time until the next community opportunity.

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