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Make the Social Media Expansion in Search Engines Work for You

February 17th, 2010 | | Social Media & SEO

Twitter is indexed in Google, so are Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Gmail now has Google Buzz included, ensuring ways to efficiently search through the social networks you are in. Many people initially wondered what the point of social media was. As with almost everything, wherever the people go, the advertising follows. Search engine optimization (SEO) has dealt with some user-generated content in the past and most in the industry understand the value of user-generated content, but the SEO community has not had to manage with user-generated content on this large of a scale before. Although SEO is more client-content and social is more user-content, we have to use similar tactics to harness its marketing power.

Pick the Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords can go a few different ways depending if you want to associate with trends or establish your own trend. Riding a trend will involve knowing what is currently being talked about. If it is a close association with your business, it’ll be easy. If there is no association, good luck. Chances are including your business name with nothing it pertains to will look spammy and deceiving. Establishing your own trend takes time, a lot of social footwork, and the opportunity for your trend to catch on. As above, don’t stretch the association or it won’t work. See other interesting ways to make Twitter work for you.

Include the Right Links

As with SEO, you’ll want to send them somewhere that pertains to whatever information the post is about so the user won’t immediately leave. You’ll also want that page to also convert well, having a call to action, providing balance of information and opportunity for the user.

Get the Right Followers

Just because a user clicked your post or profile and has reached your site means their social media experience with you should be over. Give them the opportunity to share the information they found through their social network of choice. Let them follow you, add you as a friend, become a fan, or recommend your business. They’re more likely to either eventually become a customer or become repeat customers through continued contact.

Repeat Your Message…Not Your Actions

Being in just one of the major social networks could be cause for confusion among your followers or random visitors. Why one and not the other? Some businesses won’t find a need to be in all, but it is easier than ever to have your messaging repeated in other networks without having to repost. Show your followers that your business has continuity while making sure your message gets through to them.

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