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Make Sure Your Spreading the News with Google News Sitemap

November 24th, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips

Your company is making the big holiday push:  sales, specials, discounts. The site has been optimized for your targeted keywords. Backlinks have been updated. Copy gets cranked out on posts every day. Press Releases are being distributed with frequency. Emails, syndication, tweets, Facebook fan pages…And because of your efforts you’re seeing an increase of relevant traffic from your online marketing outlets. Business is starting to get better.

But still you’re wonder, “Is there anything more I can do to spread the news?”

Are you getting your news into the Google News Search Engine?

What Is Google News?

Every wondered what Google used to give Google News results when a user does a standard Google search. That’s right, they get the news from their own aggregator:  Google News

Google News is an algorithmic search engine that works much like it standard search engine. Categories found in Google News are as follows:

Top Stories
Most Popular

“Google News Listings Never Comes Up for My Company When I Google Us”

Are you sure Google News is looking for you? Much like Google’s Shopping and Blog search engine, the News search engine needs to be notified of your news.

How to Submit News to Google News

1) The simplest way to get indexed in Google News is to submit your content. Click this link to go to the Google News “Submitting Your Content” section. You’ll also see there are sections to put in articles, press releases, podcasts, images and RSS feeds. But before you consider using RSS feeds, make sure the feed your providing is for your news content and not simply your blog.

2) Google News Sitemap. For those who don’t want to submit their content every time, there’s the Google News Sitemap. The Google News sitemap gets crawled along with the rest of the site and can be submitted into the Google Webmaster Tools. The unique thing about the news sitemap is that the content doesn’t have to be on your site, you can specify the online news publication, date, genres, and even stock tickers. Just make sure you get your spelling correct.

Do you use WordPress for your news CMS? Then try out the WordPress Google News Sitemap plugin. It will automatically generate and update your Google News Sitemap.

Using the Google News Sitemap will not only get you into Google News and help generate extra SERPs for searches, but listings in Google News automatically adds prestige to your company.

If you have any questions on how to submit Google News Content or utilize the Google News Sitemap, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How many of you have your sites in Google News?

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