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Local SEO: Cast a Wider Net to Catch More Customers with Your Website

Posted By Eric On February 3, 2009 @ 3:58 pm In Local SEO | No Comments

“Go home and make a net if you desire to get fishes” is the Chinese proverb one can apply to SEO.  Well, the internet’s the sea, and your site is your main method of catching customers.  Not having a website is dangerous to your business [1]. But for those who do have a website that’s not doing anything, it’s just as dangerous to sit idly by. Instead, it’s important to think of your website as your most powerful piece of sales collateral and update it regularly. [2] Here are some tips for casting a wider net to catch more customers:

Write Articles – Each business has a worker that knows the needs in the field in which the business operates.  These needs can be shown through articles that develop the business into a leader on the subject.  When articles are ready to publish, don’t submit them to article directories [3]. Articles will have a better chance of being seen if they are hosted and optimized on the company’s website.

Blogging – Blogging is popular and to some, strange.  Blogging is easily confused with writing articles and the benefit is largely missed.  An easier way to think of blogging is as an informal way to express topical relevant facts with personality. There are direct benefits to SEO from developing keyword rich content for your site, but there are other indirect benefits such as becoming a thought leader in your industry.  CEOs are starting to blog and people read them to see what is inside their heads.  If one had the chance to see inside the mind of an upcoming leader in an industry or field, any fan or competitor would love to keep reading.  As for the competitors, keep them reading instead of writing.

Social ProfilesFacebook [4], LinkedIn [5] and Twitter [6] are places that people will respond positively when they see your business on there.  There is a lot of fear about being on these sites, but it doesn’t take a lot of work to develop a presence on these social networking sites [7].

Online Maps – Google Maps contains reviews [8] and tools that quickly bring your site to top of mind with opportunities for reviews to be written.  When people are searching for your solution providing product or service, Google Maps brings more to the table to help you get another customer.

Business Friendships – There are many businesses that aren’t in direct competition with each other that can benefit with each other online.  For instance, Company #1 makes a contribution of its product for its community.  Company #2 sees this and decided to provide its service to the employees of Company #1.  Company #1 compliments Company #2 through its social pages and offers a link to Company’s #2 website.  Company #2 reciprocates in several possible ways.  The point is that each other encourage the brand awareness of each other to a viewing public.

Landing Pages – Divide your services into different elements.  Each element has benefits that different people want as a solution.  If each element was given its own unique landing page [9] that had content only on that element, with links and navigation of your main site, then more targeted visitors can be guided to the site’s “call to action.”  For instance, if your XYZ product would list all benefits near the homepage, it would also be good to make an X page, Y page and Z page.

By naturally doing these methods, your SEO results will benefit.  Search engines will harvest and travel your pages, your content and your name in all the avenues listed above.  As the bots weave together this net for you, you increase your chances of catching more fish … I mean, more customers.

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