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Local SEO: Phone Vs. Mouse

April 13th, 2010 | | Local SEO

Local Results in search engines is going to become more and more important. That means a lot because it means a lot now. Besides filling out categories in your local search helper like the Local Business Center, the importance of having your phone number as many places as possible is key.

I’m a low key guy. I like to surf and research before I buy. However, I noticed a few instances recently that forced this introverted mulling geek to dial a phone number quickly.

1. Emergencies – So the A/C goes out. I’m left with a hot house, a hot spouse and no relief in site. And yes, I turn to the Internet and do a search, but do I submit an online form? Good Heavens, NO! I look for the number and dial it post haste!

2. Mobile purchasing – Through a series of life events, I wound up in scenario to order a pizza to pick up on my way home. Major pizza chains allow you to submit your order online without talking to anyone. But I’m in a car, driving in 4 lane traffic. There’s many other people driving and stopping and swerving along with me. I don’t want to become pizza. So I searched for the pizza place and found the number in the google local results and called it. I hadn’t done that in years, but mobile local search opened the option back up to me.

3. Frustration – In home repairs, I found out that I have no idea what I’m doing. I can field strip a desktop down to the motherboard and reassemble it while being timed. But when it comes to fixing a leaking shower faucet, I have more questions than a content network can provide. My problem was beyond the Internet. So I called a plumber that I found off the search results page.

These are three instances you might find yourself in someday. If you feel that SEO is the answer to your lead generation, keep in mind that your phone number is still essential in your local search marketing.

Quick tips:

Have your number in the top right of every page of your website, not just in the footer. Always promote a local number rather than a toll-free number. Don’t translate your phone number to letters. While it’s easy to memorize, it’s harder for people who own certain types of smart phones.

We may be in an age where the yellow pages are dying, but the strength of the phone number is still going strong.

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