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Is It Possible to Over Optimize Your SEO?

Posted By Eric On July 21, 2009 @ 7:01 am In Nuts & Bolts of Optimization | No Comments

I was reading a question a web company was asking about SEO efforts. Their web product has been optimized with blogs [1], backlinks, On-page tactics and the like. He was not seeing anyone still using his product. “Am I missing something?” he pleaded. Despite the nature of his web product begging the question “is it that really needed?” – there was something he was missing. And if we’re not careful, we’ll do the same thing.

Is it over optimization? Well, no. It’s not possible to over optimize anything, but it is possible to be so focused on SEO that you forget that your business still relies on traditional marketing methods to succeed.

You mean like … phone books, tv, radio and print? Heavens no! I’m talking about copywriting.

There are 3 questions that whenever anyone comes to your site will ask subliminally. These 3 are so pertinent to succeeding in converting leads [2] and actually getting people to use your product or service.

Write down these 3 questions. Post them on a wall, write them on post-its, tattoo them in reverse on your forehead. (Ok, maybe that last one is a bit too much.)

1. Why do anything?
This simply refers to the nature of the problem you are trying to address. I once had a client that could barely answer this for a business model. This is the core. What is the problem you are trying to solve for the customer? If you don’t know, they won’t either and won’t care.

For example: You need an air purifying system connected to your HVAC because indoor air is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air.

2. Why you?
This question brings out your Unique Value Proposition. This is where you stand above the rest. If you don’t stand above the rest, hope is not lost. This is also where you find a specific angle to present your case.

Most companies make the mistake of focusing on facts about their company rather than what that means to the customer. Being in business for over 50 years doesn’t mean much to the customer, but having a long list of referalls from customers does.

For products, this is where you bring to the forefront the difference your product makes. Note: Even if others might have the same features, if you mention it first and are more focused, it will resonate with the customers in a very strong way.

Example: Our air purifier cleans your air from all pollen and microbes. With it’s built-in UV lights, it also kills airborne germs keeping your home’s air healthy and fresh.

3. Why now?
This question kills me. Not that it’s bad, but because most people stop at question 2. This is the question that builds urgency. It keeps people from clicking away or bookmarking your page to come back to later. This is the time-sensitive offer that prompts the vistor to act. It’s the “call-to-action [3]” and it can either be a discount, gift, or cash.

Everyone is looking for a break in this economy and a limited-time offer is the perfect chance for a potential customer to feel good above and beyond your product.

These 3 questions can make your SEO profitable and your strategic placement stable. There isn’t over- optimization, just under-explaining.

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