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How to Set Up Basic Lead Tracking Goals for Your SEO Campaign in Google Analytics

Posted By Amber On February 16, 2009 @ 2:06 pm In Analytics | No Comments

Last week I wrote a post on how to go about getting reporting information on your organic traffic and leads using Google Analytics [1]. Today I’ll show you the basics on how to actually set up those lead tracking goals so you can determine where your leads are coming from and how many you generate at any given time.

When you login to Google Analytics, instead of clicking on ‘view reports’ click on the ‘edit’ link under the actions column to the far right hand side of the page.


On the Profile Settings page for your account, scroll down to the Conversion goals and funnels section.  To the right of this section click on the ‘edit’ link under the settings column.


Now you’re on the goal settings page.  Be sure to select the radio button ‘on’ for your new active goal. The match type of your goal should default to head match.  However, there are three options for match types [2] that you can set up in google Analytics:  Exact match: This option requires that the URLs entered as your funnel and goal URLs exactly match the URLs shown in the reports.  Head Match: If your website has dynamically generated content, use the Head Match filter and leave out the unique values. Regular Expression Match: This is useful when the stem, trailing parameters, or both, can vary between users. For example, if a user could be coming from one of many sub domains, and your URLs use session identifiers, use regular expressions to define the constant element of your URL.

In the goal url line should be the url of the page you are wanting to track leads on.  Enter that url here. Name your goal, and you’re done! Go down to the bottom of the page and hit save.


Setting up goal tracking in Analytics is essential for any SEO campaign.  It’s important to know how your SEO strategies are improving your sites overall performance, not just by visits, but by the action those visitors take.  Once this is set up, not only will you be able to track visits and leads by organic traffic, but you’ll know how many leads came through direct traffic, PPC if applicable, referrals and emails even.  In addition to your organic lead tracking, you can drill down to the keyword level to see which keyword attributed that lead.  To do this, simply click on ‘view reports’, then ‘traffic sources’, ‘all traffic sources’, click on organic, and in the dimension drop down box, click on keywords.


After that click on the goal conversion tab and you’ll see data for leads, visits, and per visit goal value if you have that set up.



As with all of your online marketing endeavors, it’s important to know what sources and keywords are generating your leads. If you’re not targeting that keyword in your SEO strategy, maybe you should!  Be sure to set up goal tracking for all of your SEO accounts. Even though the client will have this data, it’s always necessary to measure your own success over time.

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