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How to Increase Conversions by Increasing Your Website’s Trustworthiness and Credibility

July 10th, 2009 | | Conversion Optimization


Welcome to our first blog series for SEO Boy! On our brother blog, PPC Hero, we have been doing blog series for quite some time and now we’ll be doing the same here. The purpose our these series is to explore one topic thoroughly and in depth for an entire week. Our upcoming series is going to focus on building and maintain the trustworthiness and credibility of your website.

The goal of the series to help you increase the conversion rate on your website by enhancing the trust factors that create a sense of credibility. Users don’t make purchases or request information from websites they don’t trust. You have to make sure that users feel comfortable from the minute they arrive at your site.

And with each series, we like post an image of one our heroes or foes. Sort of a visual element to accommodate the series. Above, we have the evil Dr. Schwarzerhut with a Pinocchio nose… obviously he’s not been telling the truth! But what else would you expect?

Here are the topics in the series!

Monday: Want More Sales? Enhance Your Conversion Rate With Easy-to-Follow Navigation and Strong Calls-to-Action

Tuesday: How to Instantly Convey a Sense of Trustworthiness

Wednesday: Tactics to Avoid Bad Design and Increase Conversions with Professional Website Tips

Thursday: How Building Your Brand Name and Increasing Conversions Goes Hand in Hand

Friday: How to Increase Your Conversions Rates with Customer Reviews

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