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How to Find and Optimize Backlinks to Your Site

May 15th, 2009 | | Link Building

As I am sure you know (or I hope you know!), link building is essential to any successful SEO campaign. However, how do you gauge the results of your link building efforts thus far, how do you know which sites are linking back to yours, and how do you know if these links have been optimized to get the most link juice possible? All good questions!

There are a few ways to locate these backlinks to your site. Here they are:

Google link search: Within Google search you can just type in link:www.name ofdomain.com. It’s just that easy. The search results will show you who is linking to your site.

Google toolbar: Download the Google toolbar and you can use their link checking function (it’s easy!)

Yahoo link search: You can find links within Yahoo search by typing in the command linkdomain:www.nameofdomain.com. Using this command will actually take to you to Yahoo Site Explorer which is a very helpful tool for analyzing backlinks.

Technorati: If you have a blog (and you should) you can check your Technorati links by conducting a search at their site.

SEO Book: SEO Book has a Backlink Analyzer. This a desktop software tool that you’ll have to download.

SEOMoz: The folks over at SEOMoz have created simple, easy-to-use backlink checker. It’s very straight forward.

Webconfs: This is a helpful tool because it not only lists the backlinks to your site but it also provides an anchor text analysis. By analyzing these anchor texts you might be able to find links that are using generic terms. You could contact the administrator of these sites and ask them to update their links with keyword-rich anchor texts!

This not an exhaustive list on how to find backlinks to your site, but this will get you started! Remember, you need to continiously find new links for your site, monitor who is linking to your site, and optimize the anchor texts that are used within these links!

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    Nic post. WHat is your favorite SEO browser toolbar, if you have one?

    Would be nice to just hit a few toolbar buttons while on a site you want to analyze and get the stats.

    Thanks, Rob