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How to create a site that searchbots and searchers like

July 20th, 2010 | | Basic SEO Tips, Usability

I had the privilege to visit one of my client’s customers today. This customer actually chose my client because of the website. I didn’t know that at the time of the meeting, but it was amazing because the website isn’t special in design or form. The code isn’t perfect and it’s still a work in progress, but even in its simplest form, it still brought in leads.


There are theories to work from and a lot of ratios to share to generate leads, but I wanted to take the opportunity to ask an actual customer.

Actually, he couldn’t remember what it was but overall he preferred to call us. The site fit for what he wanted to do.

When I hear that type of statement, it tells me that the path was intuitive to the customer and it was very natural to use the site and continue down the conversion path. You don’t necessarily remember how you use stairs. You just do. If there’s stairs, you know how to go up them. You don’t think about the height of the step, which leg to lead with and what momentum you use to thrust yourself against gravity while heading forward to continue up the stairs. A website should aim to have that type of intuitive nature in usability.

For something to be intuitive it has to have a connection with a person’s problems not with the company itself.

For SEO purposes, it is the keywords that play into this type of web architecture. Keywords are the words the customer would use to describe their problem. Keyphrases are the most common sentences that people use to describe their situation.

Several companies seem to prefer to optimize on their company name. That type of thinking results from a lot of branding strategies. However, when people don’t know who you are, you are left with what you do.

So now your site speaks to your customer.

For SEO purposes, it is the conversion formthat speaks the value of your Internet marketing. If your website has just one way to contact your company, you need to put a form on every page you want to measure. This helps track all your efforts and how people use your site. You’ll be able to see how to change your site and enhance as more people use it … or don’t use it or still can’t find it.

Now your site is a tool for your customer.

For SEO purposes, your site should be a part of a group of websites of similar industries or groups supporting a cause you work toward. Linking to and from websites that support each other help establish credibility as well as bringing each other higher in the search engine results pages.

Now your site establishes a sense of security for the customer.

Keeping your site in a very usable form for your visitors will make your site increasingly relevant against your competition and will naturally bring your site higher in position over time.

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