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How New Content Can Help Increase Traffic and Rankings

Posted By Amber On February 23, 2009 @ 5:56 pm In SEO Copy Writing | No Comments

Adding new content to your site is a great way to boost your SEO traffic and rankings.  Each time you update your site, you’re telling the search engines to take another look because there are new pages they need to crawl and index.  Search engines love new content!

1.        Keep your newly created content relevant. Don’t go off on a tangent and write a piece that has almost nothing to do with your end product or service.

2.       Target keywords in your new content [1].  Adding new pages of content to your site is a great way to distribute new keywords you want to target throughout your site.  You can pick 3 to 5 keywords to target on each page of your site.  The more content you have, the more keywords are able to implement into your page titles, meta descriptions and body content.

3.       Give other sites with high page rank something to link to [2]!  Another great reason to create more content on your site is to give other sites something to link to.  If you’re tired to trying to get links to your site and are stuck doing the whole reciprocal linking strategy, adding new content is actually better than reciprocal linking and it’s easier. You don’t have to go around looking for relevant sites to get links from, and you don’t have to go around asking people for links.  If you create content on your site that is information, relevant, and intriguing to an end user then you have just given other sites plenty of reason to link to you.

4.       Give users a reason to come back, and in some cases, a reason to come to your site period.  Adding additional pages and content to you site is a great way to get existing users to return to your site and new users as well.  Some people may not ever find your homepage or other pages of your site. But if you’re continually adding new pages then the chances increase that new users will find your site.  Also, if you add content that gives existing users a reason to come back they will!   For example, you could create a new arrivals page to let people know that you do have new items arriving daily or weekly.  If they are a fan of your product they’ll come back.

5.       Get your site crawled more often [3]. By adding new pages and updating your content frequently, you’re telling the search engines to come back often. When the search engines find that you have new content frequently they’ll keep coming back to crawl your site which means higher page rank, more traffic and increased rankings.

If you find that you’re getting stuck on what new content to add to your site, think about these possible topics:

  • New Arrivals
  • Best Sellers
  • Start a Blog
  • Customer Reviews/Testimonials
  • How it’s Made
  • Ideas/Examples
  • Benefits to having a product/service
  • How to Use it
  • Pages by Brand
  • Pages by Category, State, City
  • Newsletters
  • Coupons
  • Public Relations Articles
  • History of a product/service
  • Top 10 lists
  • Photo Galleries

These are just a few ideas that can work for almost any website selling, promoting, or giving away products/services.  Even the most boring niche can have very cool additional content added to their site to help with their SEO rankings and traffic.

Have a challenging website? Submit your site in the comments section and I’ll brainstorm on additional content ideas you could potentially add!

Remember, the more frequent you are at updating your site the more the search engines will like you!  Even better, add relevant keywords, page titles and meta descriptions [4] to be sure you’re being found.

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