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How Building Your Brand Name and Increasing Conversions Go Hand in Hand

July 16th, 2009 | | Conversion Optimization


Welcome to our fourth installment of our series on increasing conversion rates by enhancing the trustworthiness and credibility of your website. We have discussed some nuts-and-bolts tactics and today we will discuss how building your brand is good for your company, and good for conversion rates!

You’ve revamped your site, you’ve incorporated healthy navigation, included poignant call-to-action points, solidified your message and even linked around. But the traffic doesn’t seem to “bite.” You’ve done things that would make SEO experts nod with respect, but you feel that the whole situation isn’t as good as it should be.

What’s missing?

Well, even though you’ve optimized your site to bring in traffic, you need to remember that you are a business, not just a website. Your business exists because someone in your organization has something to offer. Your business is built around these skills and your brand is the packaging of those skills for the customer.

The objective behind creating a brand for your business is to establish a connection with the potential customer. The brand resonates with a personality. The brand can appear hip, edgy, clinical, laid back, effervescent, technical, knowledgeable and even stoic.

Branding is the DNA of your marketing, it dictates how you communicate your messages and where and how you advertise. In other words, an appliance store isn’t going to use edgy heroin-chic graphic billboards (although that would rock) because the target audience wants to relate to images, wording and colors that speak to them and their needs.

How Branding can help your conversions

1. Know your brand

When you agree on how your company should be branded. Be consistent with that branding in all your design and copy.

2. Become a thought leader in your area of expertise

If people are coming to your site based on what you optimized for, then adding content that reflects that “thought leadership” will add trust. For example, if your company laid back, your content could have a humorous angle. Is your company trying to be an expert among a lot of competition? Then supply articles on typical problems your customers might face that your product or service solves. Is your company down-to-earth and very personable? Then provide free “tools” and applications that help your customers make decisions for themselves.

3. List with several online directories

Make sure people can find info about your company on your site as well as outside of your site. Utilizing online directories can help establish your presence within the SERPs by allowing you to gain more real estate within the search engines. And the more results your company has, the more credible and trustworthy you site will appear.

4. Advertise more in fewer places

Companies get frantic about advertising opportunities. Do you do TV? Radio? Magazines? How many stations? How many magazines? Remember: less is more.

Imagine that your marketing influence is a pitcher of water and that a table of 4 oz glasses are all the potential places you could advertise. Putting a drop of water in each glass will not be much for each individual glass. The same thing goes with placing little bitty ads in every newspaper, magazine, radio station or even online advertisement. Scale back your marketing and chose only the mediums that worked the most – one radio station, one TV station, one magazine.

After you’ve determined your mediums and you have a crisp poignant message, increase your marketing in those mediums. Buy larger ads, buy more frequency and repeat. McDonald’s did this with the Egg McMuffin. Over and over it was “Get an Egg McMuffin for 99 cents!” That was the message. They didn’t say “and then come back for lunch and get a double cheeseburger and then at dinner try a new zesty salad!” The message was clear, repeated and saturated – and you can do the same.

Consistent advertising establishes your brand and builds trust to consumers. When a potential consumer visits your site, they will see your “thought leadership” along with your pleasing navigation and messaging.

    With all these methods your will create a perfect storm of converting your web users through an online form or direct phone call.

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