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How A Static Homepage Can Seriously Hurt Your SEO

Posted By Amber On October 12, 2009 @ 7:00 am In Basic SEO Tips | 2 Comments

Throughout the years of doing SEO for clients, the main thing I hear time and time again is in order to grow your SEO traffic and rankings you must provide users with new content [1] and generate quality links to you site [2]. While I agree and understand the value of generating quality links to my sites, I rarely see a noticeable difference in my SEO traffic from these links.

Just last month, my Yahoo inbound links increased 30 – 50% out of nowhere, yet my traffic and rankings dropped. Content however, is critical to SEO. What I have noticed work 9 times out of 10 in the past, is just simply updating your website more often. You don’t have to add a new article or blog every day, (although that can help) but its simple updates to your site that keeps the search engines coming back more frequently to crawl your data.

If you think about large sites that have almost maximum PageRank like Cnn.com, Google.com, Expedia.com, etc, think about how often these sites are updating their content. Whether it be a news headline, or a new promotional trip to Las Vegas. The key is updating frequently. Now yes, these sites also get a ton of inbound links and that is for sure part of it, but I’m not sure who can pull off generating that many links for a regular Joe Shmo website. So, my advice is to stick with the content part and update your site frequently.

When you update your site frequently, the search engines begin to notice. Then they come back to crawl your site more often [3], and if you’re content is crawled more often, then the chances of it being indexed become greater. Also, the more the search engines come back to crawl your pages, the more likely they are to dig a little deeper within your site. Each time they crawl your site they could get one or two pages deeper then they did last time, which can give those deeper pages a better chance of getting indexed.

Websites with static pages could be hurting when it comes to SEO, because there is no room to update content. Having a dynamic (constant changing) homepage will allow you to update your page with new promotions, new services, articles, events, etc. Not only do the search engines love it, but users do to! No one wants to come to a website that looks the exact same as it did this time last year. Not updating your homepage content or website can over time decrease the number of returning visitors and will slowly increase the decline of the search engines crawling your website.

I recommend trying this out for a month, where you can update your content several times a week and see if your traffic and rankings increase.

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