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Have You Incorporated These 6 SEO Elements Into Your Landing Pages?

Posted By Amber On January 19, 2009 @ 2:40 pm In Basic SEO Tips | 4 Comments

SEO and landing pages are like chocolate pudding at the all you can eat China Buffet.  They must go hand in hand in order to receive SEO success. Once you have completed your keyword research, you will need to select 2 to 3 keywords for each landing page that best suits your landing page content and user intent.  With your targeted keywords decided upon, begin writing these keywords “strategically” into your landing pages in these various ways:

1. Unique Page Titles

a.       Every landing page needs to have its own unique page title, or meta title [1]. It’s very important that each landing page on your site does have its own unique page title. And in that page title you incorporate your keywords but it needs to make sense to the end user and the search engines.  Good page titles will be less than 60 characters and include your core keywords at least once.

2. Unique Meta Descriptions

a.       Meta descriptions [1] should follow the same rules as page titles do.  Don’t keyword stuff [2]. Write a unique, descriptive sentence that includes your core keywords for this particular landing page and that makes sense to the end user. Good meta descriptions should be less that 150 characters and include your core keywords at least once.

3. Headline Use

a.       Landing page headlines are probably one of the most important aspects of the SEO and landing page relationship out there.  What do readers typically see first when they come to your landing page? Your headline! What do users typically use to judge whether they’ve arrived at a relevant page for their search? The headline!  Therefore, make sure you have coded your headline to be wrapped in the <H1> tag, and more importantly- make sure you include your keywords in it.  Also be sure to make your headline benefit driven [3], and possibly answer the question your users have or provide them a solution.  H1 header tags can be simply added into your page using the basic <h1> header code </h1>.

4. Keyword Rich Body Copy

a.       Again, follow the same rules as you would with your page titles and meta descriptions.  My recommendation when writing SEO friendly body copy [4] is to write the copy as you would normally, then go back through and strategically add in your core keywords where they fit.  Maybe you have the keyword “SEO” too many times and you need to incorporate the keyword, “search engine optimization” more instead. You can go back through and remove some of the references to SEO and swap them out with search engine optimization.  You can do this with many other keywords and sentences as well.  Search engines crawl landing pages from top to bottom, so be sure to include your keywords in the top 2 paragraphs for sure.

5.       Internal Linking & Anchor Text

a.       Internal linking [5] is simply the process of linking to other pages within your site.  Add 2 to 3 internal links to each landing page depending on how long and copy intensive your landing page is. By adding internal links you will distribute page rank to other pages within your site.  You can also create a link to highlight a core keyword, which is called anchor text.  If you see copy that says, “Click here to xxx”, well, instead of using “click here” use one of your core keywords.  That is called anchor text.  Anchor text is ranked highly in search engine algorithms mainly because the linked text should be relevant to the landing page.

6. Image Alt Tags

a.       Implementing image alt tags is something that is so easily forgotten, but if done consistently can help increase your landing page’s rankings and keyword relevance. Since search engines can’t actually read the image itself, simply giving the image a proper name, with a dash of your targeted keywords will help in your SEO efforts.  A lot of companies will name their homepage header, “home” or “homepage”.  Do you really want to be ranked for the keyword “home” or “homepage”? Probably not. Be sure to use every opportunity possible to incorporate your keywords into your landing page, including images!

So take every opportunity to achieve higher page rank and additional traffic to your site by not forgetting these core elements to include in your landing pages.  If you have any additional tips please don’t hesitate to write them in!

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