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Great Content Equals Higher Rankings, Even For Small Businesses

Posted By Amber On September 14, 2009 @ 7:12 pm In Blogging for SEO | 2 Comments

Often the team at SEOBoy will hold presentations where we talk about different aspects of SEO and social media for small businesses in our local area. During these presentations, we’ll get questions like, “I own a local plumbing company, do I really need a blog? Who would read it? Are my customers really looking for me on Facebook?”  And honestly, they’re all legitimate questions a small business owner should ask themselves.

Most business owners, large or small should know the first step in marketing your product is to find out where your customers are.  This takes doing some research. For SEO, it means going online and looking for opportunities where your audience is. SEO is all about creating really good content [1]. Really good content gets links, and links get you a higher rank in the search engines.

So maybe as ‘Joe the Plumber’ you find you don’t really need a Facebook or Twitter page [2]. But I would consider starting a blog.   Blogs [3] can be a great way to not only link back to your website, but also educate people about your business and/or industry.

If you’re running a service based business you can start a ‘how to’ blog showing people better ways to do plumbing work on their own. (it honestly won’t take away from your business) You can include ‘how to’ videos which you can put not only on your blog but on YouTube. And you can even write fun articles like: ‘top 10 mistakes men make when trying to do plumbing on their own’ or ‘how to fix a leaky faucet’.  You can feature new products or new services that your company is offering as well as employee spotlights and featured clients. A great bonus featuring clients is that they’ll be happy you have featured them and they may even include a link to your site from their site which can help your website rankings.

The point is that even small business whose target audience may not be on Facebook or Twitter can still write educating, and even funny content that people will be looking for. It’s all about generating more links to your website in order to increase your rankings in the search engines – which will then bring additional traffic and revenue to your business.

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