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Google Pushing PPC onto a poor SEO boy

Posted By Eric On September 15, 2009 @ 8:37 pm In Basic SEO Tips | No Comments

Maybe some of you all have gotten these envelopes before, I haven’t. But it threw me a curve.
google-1 [1]

For years, Google has been the ever-growing no-evil company that was a dream company to be an employee. I never really followed Google as a company in the past. I was just more focused on the search engine and side projects. Years ago, I was introduced to various stories of their huge complex [2]. My first thought was “how is that possible to support?” and the answer was “ads.” Yep, the pay-per-click advertising that’s been around for years has been fueling the most of . It’s a huge thing. People base businesses off of it. It works. [3] It’s just one of those things that’s there when and if you want to participate.

That’s why I was taken aback when I got those envelopes in the mail.  Look at it again!

google-1 [4]

Holy cow! Based on the names, they harvested every information listing everywhere of any employee in any sales or marketing role past and present. I’ve done bulk mailing and if this is a rolling promotion of shotgunning these promotional letters out, this has got to be one of the largest marketing pushes outside of the credit card industry.

google-2 [5]

Look at this, usually it says Permit No. XXX, but it just says “Google” – That’s clout my friend.

I will also ad that on the same day I got a phone call from Google as well. I didn’t answer, I knew what they wanted.

What’s the big deal?

Well, if this is a response to the recent Bing push, it might be showing that the Microsoft Marketing Splurge is getting Google to notice.

However, as a search engine optimizer, I have fun ranking things in search engine results without paying a single cent to the Search Engines.  Yes, it takes longer and some clients want immediate results.  But I consider Organic Search the tortoise to the PPC hare.  So, until I have a larger budget to actually win some pivotal bidding, I’ll stick with Organic SEO.  But at the top of the Search Empire we have the following situation:

How does a company market themselves when a lot of current marketing is on the company’s main product … itself? Careful, you might accidentally divide by zero. The answer, apparantly, is by going to the “old-fashioned” forms of advertising – Phone calling your database (presumably from the Google Local Business Center) and drop mail.

We have come full circle!  I wonder when I can expect my first email from them.

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