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Google Caffeine & How It Could Affect Your Rankings

Posted By Amber On August 24, 2009 @ 7:00 am In Crawlability | No Comments

So I’m sure you’ve heard of the news by now, the new Google Caffeine is a new search engine index which includes crawling, indexing and ranking changes.  Currently Google is providing webmasters and searchers to try it out and give Google feedback.  When Google Caffeine goes officially live, the new search infrastructure will replace what exists today.

According to Search Engine Land [1], and Google’s blog post about Caffeine, the new infrastructure may include crawling of the web more comprehensively, determining reputation and authority and returning more relevant results more quickly.  Currently building authority and reputation is building quality links to your website from other high authority websites. Although Matt Cutts says changes are “primarily in how we index”.  They also go on to say that a search for ‘buffy the vampire slayer’ in Google Caffeine returns video and news results midway down the page. In my opinion, this may be good for users, but bad for advertisers.  If I am ranking organically at the bottom of page one, adding videos and news blurbs may push my rank to page 2.  To some clients, their ultimate goal is to be on page one. I hate being that close to page one but occasionally being bumped to page two depending on additional information like news and videos that may be available during the time of the search.

A friend of SEOboy, Shimon Sandler [2] says not to simply build links to your website, but the shift is moving more towards building great content. Shimon goes onto to say that building great content includes more than just adding more webpages to your site.  You need to build content that people will want to link to. And that combination of great linkable content and quality inbound links is the key.

Shimon’s three biggest tips for on-going SEO tactics for the current infrastructure and the new Google Caffeine is to:

1. Continually build content silos [3]

2. Continually participate in social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

3. Continually build links using a complex link structure optimized for the social web. Don’t just buy links.

Mashable.com [4] took part in testing the new Google Caffeine, and here are some of their results:

The speed test of Caffeine passed 100% as they claim it is “lightning fast”.  Comparing Caffeine to the current Google search it went from a .25 seconds to .12 seconds for returning search results.

Accuracy of Google Caffeine shows improvements too. They go on to say that the new search engine cares more about keywords than the current.  The search results for ‘are social media jobs here to stay’ brought up more results with those keywords.

They also go into temporal relevancy by saying each perform about the same when it comes to breaking news.

And perhaps most importantly, the index size of the new Google Caffeine provides more results over the current.  However an interesting an non bias fact they found is that Bing brought up even more search results listings than the current Google, new Google and Yahoo with 2 million for Bing and only 183,000 for Ben Parr’s name.

My thoughts are personally, it seems as though the new Google Caffeine is going to show a lot of improvements, but I think Bing may as well. I don’t know about you, but I like the constant competition among the top 3 search engines.  That’s how it should be for every company, a constant struggle to get more customers by providing the best experience. This in turn means more benefits and convenience for us!

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