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Google Buzz (not Yahoo!) – a Fashionably Late Social Clique

Posted By Finn On February 11, 2010 @ 7:30 am In Social Media & SEO | 2 Comments

Microsoft and Yahoo! has panned them [1] for being late to party. Pundits and experts have pointed out that it’s nothing original or new [2]. And most everyone has come to a broad-brush general consensus that the object that has caught the new media industry’s attention is simply copied and pasted from Yahoo! Updates services with the Yahoo! Buzz name slapped over top of Facebook’s baseline functionality.

And here’s the thing: it looks like they’re all-things right. Not that it has mattered.

Google Buzz has swarmed into the social media sphere and slowed production for a day or two so people can assess it properly.

People like me.

How to Start Using Buzz (Google not Yahoo!)

The good thing about Buzz (Google not Yahoo!) is that it’s not Google Wave. For starters, Buzz (Google not Yahoo!) is going to backdoor into industry acceptance and use because it’s already integrated into Gmail. In fact, you don’t have a choice next time you log into Gmail via a browser. And then you’re automatically following the 20 people you email and chat with the most. So, unlike Wave, Buzz (Google not Yahoo!) is already set up for you.

The downside is that if one of those twenty is an ex-girlfriend, she can read updates to all your social profiles – even the ones she didn’t know you had. (That was a heart attack).

Also if you’ve already put links to your social network pages on your Google Profile, all you have to do is put in your username and Google “integrates” your profile. And when I say, “integrate,” I mean it allows your profiles from Google Reader, Google Chat, Picassa, Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter to syndicate onto your Buzz (Google not Yahoo!) to the delight (or chagrin) of your Google friends.

When someone you “follow” [aka twitter] updates their status or comments on someones’ status or post, you not only get an update in Buzz (Google, not Yahoo!) but also in your Gmail inbox. Pretty annoying at first, but then I realized the reason:  if you’re using the mail client on iphone or the like for Gmail, Buzz (Google not Yahoo!) isn’t yet integrated so can’t get updates from the “Buzz” (Google not Yahoo!) tab. This lesser-of-evils ways means you get an email update in case you’re not using the mobile app.

But, no, as of yet there’s now way to turn that off. So when someone is getting too update-happy for your liking or has someone you follow that is running wild with updates, you can do a couple things:

1) Mute the post - on the right edge of the post update there’s a dropdown with a few options. One of them is “mute the post” which will (on occasion) stop Google Buzz from sending you update notices. I’ve been using it because Mashable’s Pete Cashmore has been syndicating their site’s post onto Buzz (Google, not Yahoo!) which has been flooding both my buzz and email updates.

2) Filter the updates through Gmail – Every email update from Buzz (Google not Yahoo!) starts off with the same subject:  “Buzz:  “. The simplest thing to do is to set up a gmail filter that catches the updates and puts them straight to archive with a label on them. In my case, I’ve labeled mine, suprisingly, “Buzz (Google not Yahoo!).” I still have to play with them because my bombardment of status updates came from Pete Cashmore of Mashable as they tested out Buzz! And now as my friends start to adapt I have to go back and find them. Could be worse.

3) Unfollow the person

I have a litany of tweaks, imperfections, and requests I would like to see for Buzz (Google not Yahoo!) but I’d like to give the application another week of use before I share.

Are you using Google Buzz (and / or Yahoo! Buzz / Updates) What do you think?

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