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Get Out Your Quill Pen—Scribe for Bloggers

March 23rd, 2011 | | Blogging for SEO

Although those of us here at SEOBoy like to think of ourselves as modern day scribes (complete with feather quill pens, parchment, and the odd monocle or two. The photo below is actually of me writing this post earlier in the day), the fact of the matter is that we are simply bloggers, looking for ways to help our readership out when it comes to SEO. That being said, when we come across a new tool to make your lives easier, we like to share it.

Blogs are a great way to boost traffic and awareness of either your product or just your ideas. But, having a high enough result on the SERP in order to gain a solid readership is a tricky task. So, the developers over at Copyblogger Media have made all of this easier, with their new product Scribe. Basically, Scribe is a WordPress plug-in that can analyze your blog post for keywords, incoming links, general content, and also cross links, and help you optimize for the SERPs. In the following paragraphs, there will be a general summary of the benefits of Scribe, as well as some discussion as to how to utilize this tool correctly.

To start, Scribe is compatible with four different platforms available to bloggers—Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and Web v3.0. But for the sake of this blog, WordPress will be discussed (check out the video here to see how it works for the other sites). So, you’ve written your blog—now what? First, you can allow Scribe to analyze your blog post, which happens relatively quickly. The interface will then tell you what it viewed as your “primary” keyword, allowing you to correct if necessary. This is also based on suggestions from the interface, since Scribe will tell you which frequency of a certain keyword (as well as placement) you need in order to make it a “primary” keyword. Then, based on the keywords present in your post as well as the primary keywords, Scribe will give you suggestions for related keywords, as well as show you the search traffic for these terms. Also, it can suggest keyword lists based on your objectives—either to optimize for high traffic keywords, or to optimize for low competition keywords to rank for. Think of this part of Scribe like the Google Keyword Tool, except in the WordPress interface and automated in terms of it’s suggestions.

Easy to use interface.

After keyword suggestions, Scribe will then offer suggestions as to what to how to tag your post, which can be a somewhat trial and error process for bloggers. It does this based on your different keywords and their density within your post, so this can also be rather telling as to how search engines will view your post. If your tags are not in line with what you feel to be your message, consider revising your post.

Following all of these suggestions, Scribe moves on to your links. To continue the Google similarities, consider this part of the Scribe interface like the Google Placement Tool. Basically, you can allow Scribe to suggest websites to link to based on it’s evaluation of your content, or you can search based on keywords of your choosing and browse different relevant websites. Scribe automatically sorts these sites based on their influence and general traffic as well as general relevance to your keyword or blog post. Then, Scribe will analyze your placement of these links throughout your post in order to space them effectively (and not look shady to the search engines). In addition to this, Scribe will also help you to effectively cross-link within your blog between posts, once again helping to optimize for this aspect of optimization.

The last feature, and in my opinion one of the more interesting, is the ability to search Twitter users for those that are pertinent to your topic and keywords. Just like how Scribe organizes websites to link to based on influence and relevance, it will organize these Twitter users based on their Klout, as well as their relevance to your post. You may ask, why is this necessary? Twitter is becoming one of the quickest and easiest ways to alert people to new content, and if you can get an influential Twitter user to Tweet about your blog post, you can quickly see a spike in terms of traffic. Also, if you are trying to get a post to go viral, Twitter is once again a way to get people to spread the message for you, for very little buy in cost. Twitter’s relatively easy use is great for getting your blog’s name out there, and Scribe helps direct you to the right people to contact.

So to conclude, if you are looking for an SEO tool to help out the rankings and overall traffic of your blog, take a look at Scribe. In many respects, it is like having several Google Tools at your disposal within the WordPress interface. It’s intuitive design makes implementing the suggestions it offers easy. Also, the addition of a social media component is a huge advantage for anyone looking to use Twitter to boost traffic and readership. So, if you are looking for some way to easily optimize your blog for SEO, take a long look at Copyblogger Media’s Scribe.

Bryan is an Assistant Account Executive at Hanapin Marketing, a search engine marketing firm focused on generating results through PPC and SEO.

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