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Generate Local Business with Hyperlocal Search

February 17th, 2009 | | Local SEO

Hyperlocal Advertising isn’t hype. In fact, it can increase brand awareness and community revenue while effectivley advertising to niche markets.

Hyperlocal is a term once described about newspapers. Events in a hometown don’t have mainstream appeal unless they have mainstream implications. The happenings of the Arts & Craft show down on Maple isn’t of concern to the mainstream media unless, suddenly, a flying red panda wearing an Iranian beret swooped down onto the scene.

USA Today may be interested now.

Hyperlocal is about not trying to compete with every company in your niche on the web, it’s about competing for the business of the surfer in your zipcode. When e-commerce exploded in the 90s, brick & mortar stores were left wondering how to compete. Other companies stepped in to help out with e-fullfilment, e-solutions and e-whatever to reclaim any business that would have gone to the local economy to some other state or country. When e-commerce imploded and leveled out in the early 00′s, the game was afoot to see who could be “top of mind” by being “top of search.” Keywords were placed, algorithms were tweaked, and newspapers, yellow page directories and traditional marketing methods have been seeing declines in revenue and wondering how to get back to their former glory. The HyperLocal angle is their key to survival.

Hyperlocal for Advertising

This is where I get to be proud of the town where I grew up in. Take a look aa part of the newspapers main page.


No Adwords, no Adsense, no 3rd-Party listings. This newspaper changed it’s paradigm and took their future in their own hands. I get calls from newspapers and yellow page directories all the time who have bought a search engine’s “package” on how to resell PPC advertising. I have seen companies desperately rely on this and this alone to get the word out. Here, the Journal World by-passed the system and made it work for them. They know their community and they prove it.

HyperLocal Search for SEO

So what does this mean for SEO and Natural Search? A lot. Advertising is fine to help out those that actually have the money to do it for those mediums that actually know what they are doing, but what about the rest of us. Here are some HyperLocal tidbits:

1. Mention landmarks and neighborhoods in your websites copy and list your business in innovative local search listings like Dexknows.com

2. Introduce GML and Google Maps to your site for Mobile users

3. Customize Google Maps by showing service routes, featured customers and the like

4. Put Community Events & Happenings on your Local Website

5. Remember to not forget your regular SEO efforts

If Local Search just shows that you are in the City, HyperLocal means you are involved in the community and want to reach out to them. It’s another level of Local Search that puts you out into the community in ways yellowpage directories and newspaers only dreamed.

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