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Fun with Link Building Techniques – Guest Blogger!

Posted By Guestblogger On March 17, 2010 @ 11:57 am In Link Building | 4 Comments

This post is coming from a guest blogger named Nathan Schubert.  Nathan owns Upsmack [1], a marketing blog that provides a resource of information for those interested in Ecommerce, Internet Marketing, Internet Security.

Things are a lot different today than they were when I started caring about SEO. Today, websites that link to each other essentially neutralize the effect of their inbound links. Emailing a webmaster to ask for an inbound link is as much a long-shot as it has always been, and the amount of research and time it would take to find quality websites willing to link to you with nothing in return can be pretty intimidating.

Finding quality inbound links isn’t as difficult anymore because you don’t need to waste nearly as much time doing it. In other words, it is far more popular, effective and smart to just let your website work for you. Here are some pretty easy ways to enhance the visitor experience to your website while also creating quality link-worthy content.

Start a Blog

By no means is this a new strategy, but everyone is officially doing it. From massive companies to small, locally targeted businesses, blogs are a must-have if you’re in any way interested in creating inbound links for your website. Posting articles to your blog related to current events in your industry, releasing new products, speaking to customer concerns is an excellent way to create and maintain product awareness as well as a level of command over your own brand. If youíre writing things people care about, then people are going to let others know.

Streaming Video

One area where you can really see the progress in technology is streaming video. Because more and more users are able to watch video online with services like YouTube or Vimeo, E-commerce sites are in a unique position to show their products or services in a completely different way. Demonstrate the usability of a software program, the durability of a product or the effectiveness of your staff. If a video hits the right social nerve, it can go viral and inundate your website with visitors.

Moderate a Discussion Forum

Whenever people are talking about your brand, they’re building your reputation. Providing your loyal customers a community where they can talk about your products or services can be an extremely useful tool in creating inbound links. If your discussion forum is independent of your website, then the sheer number of relevant inbound links will likely reap huge rewards.
These are only three things you can do to build links in the new search landscape. One thing they all have in common is the increased responsibility to social media, which is instrumental in creating inbound links. Discussion forums, streaming video, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and all of the other little corners of the social media landscape are all natural link building machines. Jump in and take advantage!

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