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Focusing on what works

Posted By Eric On January 4, 2011 @ 12:40 pm In Social Media & SEO,Usability | 1 Comment

The previous year has given us a ton of toys and trends to think about. This year is the year to find what makes sense. Anyone can look at theorize how a business can adopt a trend or toy, but a business wholly adopting something new may be done if it financially makes sense.

Any manager given the task to analyze a budget will be forced to look at where the bulk of its sales came from and look where other sales originated. This means zeroing in on lead sources.

Where did your online traffic come from?

Where did your phone traffic come from?

Where did your social media traffic come from?

Knowing where your customer traffic came from is only a piece of the puzzle. Thousands of people could come to you because of an offer.

What did your online traffic buy?

What did your phone traffic buy?

What did your social media traffic buy?

It gets even more detailed when you look at what type of online traffic (SEO, PPC, Link sites), phone (yellow pages, website, etc) and social media (ads, pages, etc)

The problem is that there are many ways for a customer to contact you that it starts to blur. A person could see a billboard with phone number or URL and type in anything it saw in a search engine. A magazine ad could lead to a phone call but they mention the website as prompt. If the magazine generated the largest sales potential, a manager would be in danger of cutting the magazine ad and diverting the budget to online efforts. If the online efforts were generating smaller sales, this would create a massive amount of frustration because they didn’t look at all the factors on HOW they made the sales. Cost-benefit analysis has to be analyzed. If online ad spending is about to outpace [1] newspaper ads, what is the revenue generated by that switch?

SEO could stand for Search EFFORT Optimization because the search engine as we know it is expanding to include many different attributes feeding and supporting one another. There are many distractions and coming technologies, but remember to keep focused on what your clients and customers want.

1. Be aware of your spending in time and money in regards to your ROI.

2.  Review the terms the people use to describe your business.  Try to stay away from industry-speak.

3. Be aware of how people want your business to interact with them.

4. Keep an eye and ear to your offline and online reputation and that of your competitors.

This year is a time to see how these toys and tools can enhance what you have already – not abandoning them.

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