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Every Link, Every Image Is a Chance to Optimize for Your SEO Keywords

March 22nd, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips

Today’s post is about an important SEO lesson: opportunities for keyword optimization lay around every corner!  A great deal of websites that I manage SEO campaigns for come to me as completed websites – meaning that I had no part of designing the site.  This means that my job as an SEO is more than just creating content and optimizing for my targeted keywords.  It’s also about carefully reviewing the website for crawlability issues and being resourceful in how I optimize the site, as-is.

Given all of that, a few weeks back I was performing a detailed site review for a newer client and discovered that instead of using text or basic image links (basic href or href with image src codes), they created primary links with a < li class call from the site’s CSS.  Visually speaking, this was really no problem.  On the page, the CSS generated wonderful images that linked to their respective pages.

However, the pages that these CSS driven links pointed to are of extreme importance for this website’s SEO campaign.  And as you might guess, the way the linking structure was designed was passing zero keyword relevance to those pages.  Doh!

Because of the importance of a website’s internal linking structure, I attacked this problem from 2 angles.  For the first strike, I recommended that wherever these CSS driven links were used, that text links with keyword rich anchor text were placed on those pages.  Secondly, I recommended that the < li class code was amended to include a Title Attribute to include the appropriate keywords for the linked-to page.

Effective search engine optimization is a combination of the big rocks (on-page optimization, link building, etc.) and the finesse touches (i.e. fixing CSS driven links, PageRank sculpting, etc.).  Truthfully, that’s what makes SEO so exciting – there are so many ways to improve and optimize websites for targeted keywords.  Today’s example was CSS driven links, but keep your eyes out for possibly hidden or not-so-obvious areas of your site that you can optimize!

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  • http://www.mydreammeanings.com Dream Meanings

    Solid article as always.

    Chances are that 95% of the people who read this will be lost without screen grabs. One main responsibility of an SEO is to be able to connect with techies as well as the non technically inclined individuals.

  • http://www.seoboy.com John

    @ Dream Meanings,

    Thanks for the constructive criticism! It’s easy to get lost in the world of coding and search marketing acronyms – so, point taken.

    Perhaps I’ll create my own version of SEOmoz’s Google Bot to illustrate my points in the future. : ) http://bitly.com/ETPw