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Educate, Communicate and Succeed

Posted By Eric On December 7, 2010 @ 5:00 pm In SEO Management | 1 Comment

My grandfather started a business in a storage closet of another business and grew it to a multi-million dollar business without a college education. His method was to always educate himself on the market and industry trends while surrounding himself with talent. He spurred himself on to not be outwitted or out-maneuvered. It’s something that we all should consider because no one is fully and completley educated at any time on any subject. The Internet is not something to be counted on at any time if you do not educate yourself or surround yourself with those with the talent of conceptualizing its benefits

Here is just a quick list of different ways that one can be swayed due to a lack of education concerning SEO or the Internet.

1. “We’ll make the site for you and pass all the leads onto you.” – How are people going to find the site? Who has control of the analytics? Who is making it? Where is it hosted? What about changes to the site’s layout, structure and keywords? How fast are those changes?

2. “Your website needs to be redesigned. We can do it for $XXXX.” – Based on what data? Which metrics are you basing your conclusions? What are the “before and afters” of your other clients? What is the breakdown of cost? Why do you use X hosting over Y hosting? What is your opinion on WordPress and Joomla?

3. “We can make sure you get listed in all search engines.” – Why all? Why spend the effort beyond more and more obscure search engines beyond five?

4. “We will review your website copy and make sure its optimized.” – At what point is it optimized? Does that mean its all done after its optimized? Which page is optimized over the other?

5. “You don’t need as many web pages on a website as before.” – For which purpose? Converting? Ranking? Educating? Am I expecting my phone staff to educate the client?

6. “Let us handle your Adwords” – How many leads should I expect? Who is monitoring the ads? Who is writing the ads? How are they doing it? What can I assume if I don’t reach these numbers?

7. “Your company listing on our website will be a great value to you” – How many unique visitors do you get in my category in a month? What is your long-term strategy to compete with Google Places?

8. “Our informational videos can be easily placed on your site and will turn your site into an information resource while harvesting leads.” – How do you account for devices that do not play Flash or Silverlight that are owned by my target audience?

As you can imagine, salespeople don’t like me very much. I reside in an area where there is not a lot of education concerning the web. Creating and hosting a website is either viewed as a large expense as building a new office complex or as trivial as posting a bulletin on a public bulletin board.

That’s why we are here to guide you and answer questions. If the gas station clerk mentions that he can do a website for you, chances are it’s not as difficult as it once was to set one up. There is value in doing things right and finding out how to do those things right.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are not unintelligent. The talent you surround yourself with want you to succeed because they want to see you succeed from their talents. Anyone can make a pitch, anyone can write a check, but it’s the drive to continue outmaneuver and outwit competition that moves your business from outside of a storage closet.

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