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Discover New SEO Keyword Ranking Opportunities by Mining Google Analytics Data

February 19th, 2009 | | SEO Keyword Research

Let’s face it, SEO keyword research never ends. User search queries evolve over time, and your SEO keyword strategy needs to reflect these ever-changing search trends. Your keyword list needs to be fluid so that your site remains relevant and highly ranked within the search engines.

One way to discover new keyword ranking opportunities is to look at those organic search queries in Google Analytics that are already driving visits to your site.   The goal here is to see what’s working and if there are keywords that you should either add to your targeted SEO keyword list or beef up your optimization efforts for to increase ranking. For this article, I will focus on Google Analytics as that is the analytics program that the SEO Boy team uses most frequently.

The core of this tactic is to simply use  Google Analytics to review which terms are already driving traffic to your site. Finding which keywords are driving users to your homepage is good to know, but for this article, we’re looking for keywords that are driving traffic to each individual page within your website. To get this level of data from Google Analytics, here are some quick instructions:

  1. Go the ‘Content’ section of your analytics account
  2. Go to the ‘Top Content’ section within  the secondary navigation
  3. Here you will receive a list of your most visited pages on your site. Click on one of these pages within the results.
  4. When you do this, you’ll be at this page:


Once you arrive at this page, you will want to click on the drop down menu next to ‘Analyze.’ As you can see in the screen above, you’ll want to choose ‘Entrance Keywords’ within this menu.

After you follow these steps you will arrive at the data you are seeking. You will see the ‘Entrance Keywords’ that lead users to this page within your site. So, what do you now?

  1. Make a  list of all the keywords that are driving visitors to this page, but that you’re optimization strategy isn’t already targeting for this page.
  2. Run a ranking for these newly discovered terms.
  3. Review your report to see how well each of these keywords are ranked. If you find keywords that are in low positions, think about the possibilities this keyword may possess. If a keyword is driving traffic and it’s poorly ranked, what could this keyword do if it were ranked higher, perhaps even on the first page?
  4. Make a plan to further optimize these pages for these new keywords! This plan can include altering your page titles, meta data, new content creation and linking strategies.

This process will help you discover new keyword ranking opportunities for your SEO campaign, while keeping  your targeted keyword list up-to-date with the latest search terms that are working well for your site.

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