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Cyber Monday Is Over, the Content Push Has Just Begun

Posted By Finn On December 2, 2009 @ 7:59 am In Blogging for SEO | No Comments

Cyber Monday 2009 looks to finally be the day online retailers were hoping for since the tradition began. With close to a billion dollars in retail done in that one day, even with less money spent per shopper [1] than last year, Cyber Monday is finally set to share the stage with Black Friday and usher in the start of the Holiday shopping season.

Were you one of those retailers who benefited from the day? Were your efforts targeted to only that one day? If you said, “yes,” WHY?

Cyber Monday has already become the starter’s gun for savvy online retailers looking to finish the year with a strong kick. Experts are already blogging, vlogging, and tweeting about extending your momentum from Cyber Monday and stretching it [2] to New Years. Take a look at the Chris Brogan video below [3] as he recommends the practice.

Now is not the time to relax. You can do that when the kids are unwrapping presents. Make your content schedule hectic. Keep those posts coming. Your employees can hate you now for it so long as they love you come January when your doors stay open.

Post Ideas for the Holiday Season 2009

Using Your keyword research as a foundation, below are some Holiday blog post ideas that can keep your blog content fresh, readers interested, and Search Engine Spiders coming to your site. My old boss [4] and I [5] would use these types of topics not only as posts but as outlines for additional posts…

  1. Top Ten (insert your industry name here) Holiday Gifts Under $35 (pending industry prices)
  2. Top Ten Best Selling (insert your products) of 2009 – and Why They Were So Popular
  3. Why Your (spouse, mate, family, children…) Will Enjoy Seeing (enter your product here) Wrapped p With a Bow and Given to Them

We also had the luxury of having products to cover all aspects of the Holiday season, from children’s toys to traveling products to cleaning tools that could be used to get the home ready for Holiday company so we were never at a loss for ideas.

Maybe your company is more targeted with products and services. You can still find a niche that makes your product / services. Turn that niche into a series of posts. And if you’re stuck for ideas, feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll see what we can come up with.

The only thing I wouldn’t recommend for the upcoming Holiday season is sending out as many emails as you are publishing posts. People come to your site for posts. They go to their RSS readers and get an update to show there’s more content. With email, it’s more obtrusive. Oh yeah, send more email, but only with slightly more frequency.

And before you know, the season will be over. Will you be able to say you did everything you could to make it as successful as possible?

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