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Counting Down SEO Boy’s Top Tips of 2008

Posted By Amy On December 31, 2008 @ 12:10 pm In SEO Management | No Comments

With only hours left in 2008, it’s time to look back at some of SEO Boy’s top tips of the year. Whether you were looking for practical “how-to’s”, ideas for selling SEO to company execs, or social media expertise, SEO Boy has been providing the best of our professional knowledge to you over the past months. Here is my short list of top tips of 2008—cross-check your 2009 marketing plans and make adjustments to strategies with these tips in mind. A new year at SEO Boy will bring new ideas but make sure you’ve built a good foundation with these well-designed tactics and strategies.

In the coming days and weeks, take this list and make sure you’ve implemented these ideas for success in 2009. As budget discussions ramp up in the coming quarter and adjustments to marketing strategies are made, keep this short list in mind. These tips and strategies represent the best of low-budget, maximum payout strategies perfect for the increasingly strained budgets of today’s economy. And, just because something is easy on the bottom line doesn’t mean it’s weak on performance. Keep in mind the reasoning behind these tactics and use that to sell these ideas to management when the time comes—and don’t forget to review #5 to sell SEO Boy’s ideas effectively based on the company needs and departmental concerns.

And now, let’s start the countdown and ring in the New Year with SEO greatness:

5. Teamwork: The Marketing, IT and Finance Struggle For IT Control [1]

Avoid the internal struggle for SEO control and keep your SEO projects rolling smoothly and effectively. Understanding what role each person plays in developing and managing SEO projects can save time and relationships, and maximize success. IT, marketing and finance all have their own interests and concerns when it comes to your online marketing plans, and this post can help you understand these interests and make sure everyone gets what they need from your online marketing and works well together. See just who is best suited for what task in your SEO project and use this to tweak projects and plans for 2009.

4. How To Use Keywords Effectively For Your SEO Strategy [2]

Have you ever struggled with optimizing for a long list of keywords? Wondered how different the keywords “NY cheesecake” and “new york cheesecake” really are to search engines? Let Eric explain how to simplify your keywords in 2009 and streamline your SEO strategy with this post. He’ll show you how search engines are working to make life easier for searchers and for SEO, and how you more efficiently find your audience through a more refined keyword list.

3. How To Become Google Analytics Certified [3]

Get your SEO credentials in order for 2009 with a little help from fellow SEO Boy author, Amber. She explains the who, what, why, and when of becoming Google Analytics Certified and breaks down the fine print to get you started quickly and easily. Make 2009 the year you join the ranks of the SEO pros and use advanced site analytics to grow your business online.

2. Discover How Goals Can And Should Inform The SEO Process [4]

What’s your SEO resolution for 2009? Whatever your goals and projections for the upcoming year, let John help you define the best your success metrics and efficiently work toward those goals. John explains how goals should dictate your SEO project and process, and helps you understand how to best define goals based on your desired outcome and your company and current website. This is a must read for 2009 and a great tool for reviewing and refining your 2009 online marketing plan.

1. Online Reputation Management: 10 Minutes A Day to Monitor Your Company’s Reputation [5]

With the prominence of social media websites and the internet becoming an almost universally used business tool, you can no longer afford to ignore your own online reputation. Make 2009 the year you put a plan in action to monitor and shape your company’s online image and use social media tools to grow your audience and improve your SEO at the same time. Don’t let this be the missing piece in your plans this year—your competitors are not likely to make that mistake. Here are a few hints on putting together a simple, quick plan to monitor your online reputation using tools already at your disposal. Your company may be moving on and moving up, but make sure you know what your customers remember about you. Look toward the future but don’t ignore the past!

Happy New Year! Now that you have your countdown tools, don’t forget to make your own resolutions for SEO 2009. Need help getting started? Here’s our list of 5 SEO New Year Resolutions You Should Make For Your Website. [6] Have a safe and happy New Year from all of us at SEO Boy.

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