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How Balanced Are Your Targeted SEO Keywords?

July 22nd, 2009 | | Basic SEO Tips, SEO Keyword Research

We have posted previously on how to build your initial keyword list for your SEO campaign. In contrast to paid search where you cast as wide a net as possible, with your SEO keyword list, you need to be more selective and target the most important terms. You need to strip it down your keyword list to the essential terms that achieve a balance between search volume, relevance, and competition.

Your target keyword list should be comprised of terms that …

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How to Make Your Branding and SEO Efforts Work Together

June 25th, 2009 | | Search Behavior, SEO Keyword Research, SEO Management

Marketing departments have been laboring over and tweaking branding strategies for a lot longer than they’ve been looking to SEO for exposure on the web. So, despite SEO being an effective branding tool, there are often some conflicts to work out before you can get your branding and SEO strategies working together effectively.

A long time ago, in a far away place, I worked with an international medical service client that was just getting started with SEO. Lucky us, they …

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Discover New SEO Keyword Ranking Opportunities by Mining Google Analytics Data

February 19th, 2009 | | SEO Keyword Research

Let’s face it, SEO keyword research never ends. User search queries evolve over time, and your SEO keyword strategy needs to reflect these ever-changing search trends. Your keyword list needs to be fluid so that your site remains relevant and highly ranked within the search engines.

One way to discover new keyword ranking opportunities is to look at those organic search queries in Google Analytics that are already driving visits to your site.   The goal here is to see …

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How to Become an Expert SEO Spy

January 13th, 2009 | | SEO Keyword Research, Site Review & Analysis

A Chinese general from around 400 B.C. was quoted as saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”  The spirit behind this saying is that friends can benefit you or not if they do the smallest thing, but your enemies can harm you by doing anything.  Though this phrase was talking about war, it has been used in any type of competition.

SEO is, by nature, competition.  Ranking higher than the other guy is the purpose of SEO because people don’t …

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Using Google Sets for SEO Keyword Research

January 6th, 2009 | | Search Behavior, SEO Keyword Research

In a previous post of mine, I talked about how you could use Google Trends to spot how popular a certain keyword was becoming or diminishing.  One task of SEO is, of course, defining your service in a small set of popular keywords.

I have spent many a roundtable in discussing with clients the “key phrases” that would boil down their business into bitsize words that weren’t vague.  Solutions, Programs, Product, Tool and Service were all words …

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Using Less Keywords for Greater SEO success

December 23rd, 2008 | | SEO Keyword Research

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords.  It is said that you should analyze your keywords before you do any website optimization.  I agree.  Keyword analysis helps you see what people are typing into the search engines and you want them to find your site.  What makes one tear out the remaining hair follicles is which variation of the word you should use.

“Do I put in ‘ac’ or ‘air conditioning’ or ‘a/c’? Do I optimize for all of them?”

The other question is concerning hyphens.

“Do …

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Utilizing Google Trends in Keyword Research

November 11th, 2008 | | SEO Keyword Research

A big part of building a site for On-Page SEO is the utilization of keywords.  Finding the right niche for your services and exploiting the right keyword competition rewards you in dominating the ranks better, but how long will the keywords overall perform?

Enter Google Trends.

Google Trends shows you how often certain search terms have been searched on Google over the past few years. Measuring the Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) alongside a good trend can give you more confidence in ranking higher and more consistently because the …

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Keyword Research – The First Step to SEO Success

November 10th, 2008 | | Basic SEO Tips, SEO Keyword Research

It’s time to get ranked for the keywords that are relevant to your business.  While this can seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be when you follow these simple steps!

Making a list of the keywords you should rank for is the first step.  Take the “work” out of  it by just sitting down and brainstorming with your team.  If you have a sales team, bring them in on the action too.  Find out …

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How to Use Keywords Effectively For Your SEO Strategy

October 23rd, 2008 | | Basic SEO Tips, SEO Keyword Research

Keywords.  That is, “words that are key”  are the backbone of good SEO and Internet Marketing in general.  Keywords are bid on for paid searches and they are used to index organic search.  In short, they are used to define what a website is about.

Search Alogrithms have changed on how to use keywords effectively.  For instance, back in the late 90s, the robot crawlers would look at how often a word was used on a page and also how many …

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