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Some Tips to Keep Your Website Copy Updated and Relevant

June 30th, 2009 | | SEO Copy Writing

Content is what Search Engines want to index, sort and bring to the searchers. Relevant content is desired by all who want their site to be a stopping point in the daily life of the internet. But there is content that can actually harm your site or business if you are not careful to implement a few guidelines.

1. Review factual content to make sure it’s still correct and valid

The last thing you want to be known for is being …

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3 Ways to Add Natural Content to Your Website for SEO

April 17th, 2009 | | Blogging for SEO, SEO Copy Writing

Earlier today I watched the newest SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday video where the topic of discussion was going over-board with on-site optimization.  The gist of the video is that many SEOs waste their energies, and even jeapordize their campaigns, by keyword stuffing, adding uneccessary internal linking and worse yet – writing unnatural content (i.e. content that repeats keywords over, and over, and over…).  As is my way, this video set my mind wandering.  Knowing what-not-to-do is important, but what should …

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How New Content Can Help Increase Traffic and Rankings

February 23rd, 2009 | | SEO Copy Writing

Adding new content to your site is a great way to boost your SEO traffic and rankings.  Each time you update your site, you’re telling the search engines to take another look because there are new pages they need to crawl and index.  Search engines love new content!

1.        Keep your newly created content relevant. Don’t go off on a tangent and write a piece that has almost nothing to do with your end product or service.

2.       Target keywords in …

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Are You Optimizing Your Press Releases For Social Media?

January 21st, 2009 | | SEO Copy Writing, Social Media & SEO

When you’re looking to find out what’s new in the world, or what’s going on right now, where are you looking online? Most of us don’t look past the social media sites we’re already using all day, everyday, to get the latest news and current events. Social media platforms are the new source of news these days. Whether it’s our friends or colleagues posting interesting news items or events on their social networking profiles, or our favorite blogs giving us …

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The Mistakes of Misspellings in SEO: ‘Trafic’ Isn’t Everything

December 5th, 2008 | | SEO Copy Writing, Usability

‘Tis the season for bargain hunting, and according to this recent New York Times article, new sites devoted to bargain-hunting with the help of misspelled brand names are popping up to help shoppers find the best deals. These sites, aimed at helping searchers find the best prices on eBay, offer searchers common product and brand name misspellings, locating items with fewer bidders because items aren’t …

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The Basics of SEO Copywriting for Link Building

December 1st, 2008 | | Link Building, SEO Copy Writing

You’ve probably heard lots and lots of talk, in SEO circles, about link building and how important it is to search engine optimization.  We know link building is an essential component to good SEO practices and will help boost your rankings in search engines.  How can you go about getting good, quality links to your site?

Well, there are too many websites to name that offer link building campaigns.  The promise of quick and easy links to your site might sound …

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Organizing Your Content Effectively for SEO

November 6th, 2008 | | Information Architecture, SEO Copy Writing

Content. Content. Content.  It seems that’s all you hear when you start learning about SEO.  The algorithms are wanting to bring relevant content to those who are searching and webmasters are looking for fresh and relevant content to put on their sites.  Before Google penalized for duplicate content, large article repositories were a way to get content quickly on your site.  As the search engines continue to implement more strict polices around duplicate content, webmasters are looking for …

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Does Your Website’s Content Offer Solutions?

October 30th, 2008 | | SEO Copy Writing

If not, it better. When people enter keywords in search engines, they are obviously searching for something. What? A solution to a problem or an answer to a question, right? Based on that knowledge you need to focus your SEO copywriting on providing solutions for your prospective customers.

I am online all the time looking for solutions and answers to my many, many questions. Normally I don’t enter keywords in the form of a question though. …

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Increase Click-Through Rates and Traffic With Well Written SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

October 21st, 2008 | | Basic SEO Tips, SEO Copy Writing

When discussing the absolute basics of SEO, well written (and keyword specific) page titles and meta descriptions are a must. Learn how to use them to increase click-through rates and traffic.

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Answer Me, These Questions 3, Ere the Conversions Ye See

October 16th, 2008 | | Information Architecture, SEO Copy Writing

SEO is about positioning your service or product with qualities or benefits that people would search for. Last week, I discussed how search engine optimization can improve your business and increase traffic to your website. While that is all fine and dandy, higher traffic to your site doesn’t always mean your SEO has been successful. Natural search efforts should also lead to conversions. To help illustrate my point, I’ll use Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

[caption …

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