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The SEO Piracy Debate: My Thoughts

April 30th, 2011 | | Search Behavior, Search Marketing Madness

In the past month or so there has been some buzz about Piracy in SERPs. More specifically, piracy sites that rank highly in SERPs. It’s an interesting topic and there’s a fair amount of solid information and opinion out there about it. To get caught up, there’s a great post by Danny Goodwin at Search Engine Watch on Censorship and Piracy. At the heart of the debate are two issues:


1.     Piracy is illegal and should be punished, but to …

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Social SEO: Facebook Internal Search & Fan Page Optimization

January 31st, 2011 | | Basic SEO Tips, Search Behavior, Social Media & SEO

Facebook accounts for approximately 2.7% of the search volume on the Internet. While this might not be a significant number to those of us in the SEO business, you can bet 2.7% percent is important to those brand and community mangers out there. Thus, when ranking organically in the independent states of Twitter or Facebook, small businesses can expect a have a pleasant boost on their overall marketing goals.

This first part of this blog post will help you navigate the …

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Google Personalized Search and Social Media

January 26th, 2011 | | Search Behavior, Social Media & SEO

Google’s personalized search is no new development for anyone reading this—it’s been around for some time. But there are some interesting new changes and startling predictions that have come about recently as a result of personalized search that warrant discussion. So, in the following paragraphs, a few issues will be discussed and explained, namely: a brief recap of what personalized search actually is, some discussion as to the impact that personalized search has had on other internet services, and finally …

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Product Review: Google Goggles

January 10th, 2011 | | Search Behavior, Site Review & Analysis

Google’s products never cease to amaze me, even when they don’t necessarily pass the consumer test of time (Google Wave). One product that I’ve been playing around with lately has just gotten better. Google Goggles is a mobile search engine that utilizes your mobile phone camera to effectively search for, well, anything. Goggles is a downloadable app for Google Android OS (1.6 or greater) or iPhone (iOS 4.0 only) mobiles. I myself have been using it on my iPhone 4 …

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SEO: A Review of 2010 & Our Expectations for 2011

December 29th, 2010 | | Local SEO, Search Behavior, SEO News Roundup, Social Media & SEO

As we near the end of the year, our team reflected on the changes seen in SEO, and put together the following recap of those with the biggest impact so far:

Local Search

This year, the vastness of the Internet has reminded us that it still is, after all, a small world.  Local search results and ad listings have risen in importance to searchers, thanks in large part to the development of smart phones and other platforms with fully-functional browsers …

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New Perspectives on Search

December 21st, 2010 | | Search Behavior

A quick search on some local businesses and you will find stores that still don’t have a website. In the next couple years these stores could get a mobile app before a website – skipping a whole genre of mass communication. This isn’t a great leap to imagine since the dot com craze was about circumventing radio, tv and print. If businesses want to make every experience as dynamic as possible, the app will be the key.

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Have the yellowpages died yet? No, but here’s why…

December 13th, 2010 | | Search Behavior

The yellow page directories have had decades upon decades to seer into our culture their need. The death of the printed book won’t be until the last generation that picked up a yellow page book up dies off.

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Whose Market Share Will the New Twitter.com Take?

September 15th, 2010 | | Search Behavior

I haven’t spent this much time on Twitter.com since 2008. I use TweetDeck and HootSuite like there’s no tomorrow, but not so much Twitter.com. It continues to be the worst Twitter interface…until perhaps this evening.

At an in-office event Tuesday, September 14th, Twitter displayed to a select few the new Twitter.com interface. According to the Twitter blog, users will will get access to the new interface, “over the next few several weeks.”

Several sites are …

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Suggestion SEO

September 14th, 2010 | | Search Behavior

The power of suggestion in psychology is a theory that you can get someone to do something that they may have not done in the first place. If it’s rejected by the scientific community, the Advertising world would readily agree and scooch it’s own research findings under the table.

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Review: With Google Instant, Google Can Claim to Be the Collaboration Engine

September 9th, 2010 | | Search Behavior, SEO Keyword Research

While visiting DK New Media’s new office location in downtown Indianapolis, DK CEO Douglas Karr pulled up Google.com on his Mac.

“Did you see that Google Instant came out today?” he asked.

“What’s that?”

Douglas pulled up a Google search and started to type in a few words.

“Oh, wow,” I said, “Where was that today when I needed it?

Among the updates Google has made to their offering:

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