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Bing Webmaster Tools: A Walk-Through

March 29th, 2011 | | Crawlability, SEO Tools

I have some bad habits I need to get rid of. I bite my nails, forget to turn off the TV when I leave a room, and pay way too much attention to Google. Google is the largest search engine, but with Bing Powered search engines accounting for 30.8% of the market share, it can’t be ignored anymore.

This post will provide a walk-through of Bing Webmaster’s features to help you better understand and take advantage of these tools to …

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Get Noticed-Optimize Your Press Releases

October 18th, 2010 | | Basic SEO Tips, Blogging for SEO, Crawlability, Link Building, SEO Boy

This is the theme of basically all SEO strategies, and I realize how frustratingly generic this title may sound. But, this blog has to do with good strategies and tools to properly optimize your press releases and news updates so that you can get noticed. Also, it will help you to avoid wasting your time, and probably up your exposure and ranking on SERPs.

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Review: Having Planned in the Shadows of Google Caffeine

June 16th, 2010 | | Crawlability, Search Behavior

Back in August 2009 the SEO World was teased by the anticipated launch of Google Caffeine. We were giving a place to play with it. And then Google threw Caffeine on one of the live servers and we got to Google-Dance with it all the way through the holidays.

And as January 2010 rolled around, a funny thing happened:  we got Caffeine-deprived. …

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Do XML Sitemaps Really Matter?

April 22nd, 2010 | | Crawlability

I was a copywriter before SEO found me. And when I say, “It found me.” I mean,  “the boss pulled me into a room and said he found out I do SEO copywriting,” – keywords, theme writing…In his mind I was the SEO expert – metaphysics help us.

And there were a lot of issues to sort out. Duplicate content, 100s of links indexing the same content (in the days before canonicals), stuff that wouldn’t index at all…
And let’s not mention …

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What about SEO? How to Redirect a Domain

March 29th, 2010 | | Advanced SEO Tips, Crawlability, Link Building

Domain-level redirects happen only once in a blue moon. As an SEO, it is not something you run into on a regular basis. Recently one of my clients redirected their entire domain. To my surprise, most of the resources online focused on the technical aspects of domain redirects, like htacess files, DNS adaptations, and so on. The tech-stuff is all very important, but what about SEO? How do I preserve my PageRank? How can I get my site quickly indexed? …

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Could SSO – Site Speed Optimization – Become the Next Big OnSite Optimization Focus?

November 18th, 2009 | | Crawlability

As reported by SEO Boy, Google’s webspam team leader Matt Cutts hinted during PubCon that site speed could become a determining factor in SERPs. Nothing official has come from Google as to if/when the change to the algorithm could be made, but Cutts noted that if the change were to be made it would come after Google’s new indexing system “Caffiene” is fully implemented. And according to Cutts, Caffeine won’t be added to all the data centers till after …

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Can Search Engines Crawl Dynamically Generated Content?

November 3rd, 2009 | | Crawlability

I’ve been researching this topic for the past week and have found many articles out there that contradict each other on whether search engines can and do crawl dynamically generated content on a webpage.

The answer to the million dollar question is yes. Technically, the search engines can crawl dynamic URLs and content that is dynamically generated. However, they rarely do. Did you think it was going to be that easy?!!

In a post from the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

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Less Links on Your Homepage Could Increase SEO Traffic

October 27th, 2009 | | Crawlability

A while back Matt Cutts delivered some interesting news on PageRank Sculpting. He basically pointed out that the method of PageRank Sculpting really didn’t function as it was previously understood. For a quick recap: people used to add ‘nofollow’ tags to all “unimportant” links via their homepage in order to ‘save’ or ‘add’ more PageRank to the more important links on their homepage. Matt came back to say that by adding these nofollow tags you’re not giving more rank …

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SEO and Google Docs: Things to expect

September 22nd, 2009 | | Crawlability

Well, here’s a little tidbit that seemed to fly under radars, but not at SEOboy. This blog post announces the crawlability and indexing of of published Google docs tied to public websites. What?!

So within a week and a half we are going to start seeing documents within search results.  My first thought was “oh great, a whole lot of content clogging my results.”  It could happen.  One way to tone down the clutter is to have a tab …

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3 Stats Reports I Use Often From Google Webmaster Tools

September 22nd, 2009 | | Crawlability

If you’ve been doing any research on SEO this year, you’re going to hear a lot about content, content and more content. It’s no lie, content generation is great for SEO.  But there are other important things you can do to increase your SEO traffic and conversions that is more, reactionary.

I use Google Webmaster tools (GWMT) almost on a daily basis. Each time I login and click around I find something new about my website that I didn’t find …

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