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Great Content Equals Higher Rankings, Even For Small Businesses

September 14th, 2009 | | Blogging for SEO

Often the team at SEOBoy will hold presentations where we talk about different aspects of SEO and social media for small businesses in our local area. During these presentations, we’ll get questions like, “I own a local plumbing company, do I really need a blog? Who would read it? Are my customers really looking for me on Facebook?”  And honestly, they’re all legitimate questions a small business owner should ask themselves.

Most business owners, large or small should know the first …

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Why I Think Blogging Is the Best Form of Link Building

May 11th, 2009 | | Blogging for SEO

Of all the potential methods for building links, I feel that blogging is the most powerful link building strategy today.  Let’s face it, link building is hard work. But like most tasks that are difficult, the rewards are great.  For those of you who do not know, link building is an SEO tactic that involves finding relevant web pages and through a number of methods – getting them to link back to your website.  Not only do you have …

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Praise and a Brief Critique of Search Engine People’s New WordPress Plugin

April 30th, 2009 | | Blogging for SEO, Internal Linking

I’ve been reading the Search Engine People blog for some time now, but today was the first time I’ve ever noticed them offering any kind of tool, plugin, what-have-you.  If it is in fact their first foray into the world of plugins, they certainly are making a splash!  At 52 Sphinns and 54 ReTweets, I’d say they’ve struck a cord with SEOs.  Their new tool is called the “WordPress Blog Link & Traffic Analysis Plugin.”  Once loaded into …

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3 Ways to Add Natural Content to Your Website for SEO

April 17th, 2009 | | Blogging for SEO, SEO Copy Writing

Earlier today I watched the newest SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday video where the topic of discussion was going over-board with on-site optimization.  The gist of the video is that many SEOs waste their energies, and even jeapordize their campaigns, by keyword stuffing, adding uneccessary internal linking and worse yet – writing unnatural content (i.e. content that repeats keywords over, and over, and over…).  As is my way, this video set my mind wandering.  Knowing what-not-to-do is important, but what should …

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It’s Time to Migrate Feedburner to Google

February 11th, 2009 | | Blogging for SEO

Google’s acquisition of Feedburner back in 2007 opened doors for the blogger world to better integration with many of the company’s services, mainly AdSense. It has been a long (and for some, painful) process to complete the Feedburner to Google RSS feed transition, but the end is near.

You are running out of time to migrate your Feedburner subscriber RSS feeds over to Google. The deadline to complete this transition is February 28, 2009. No one is exactly sure what …

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