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Get Out Your Quill Pen—Scribe for Bloggers

March 23rd, 2011 | | Blogging for SEO

logs are a great way to boost traffic and awareness of either your product or just your ideas. But, having a high enough result on the SERP in order to gain a solid readership is a tricky task. So, the developers over at Copyblogger Media have made all of this easier, with their new product Scribe. Basically, Scribe is a WordPress plug-in that can analyze your blog post for keywords, incoming links, general content, and also cross links, and help …

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Blog Optimization Tips for WordPress

February 9th, 2011 | | Basic SEO Tips, Blogging for SEO

You probably know that having a blog on your website is a great way to increase your rank. Blogs make sure your content is updated regularly and can generate a lot of links back to your site, but is your blog itself optimized for search engines? This post will go through some of the basic blog optimization tips for WordPress that everyone should be doing.

Before I get into the different ways to optimize your blog, I first want to suggest …

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9 Best Practices For Blogging in 2011

December 20th, 2010 | | Blogging for SEO, Internal Linking, Link Building

As 2010 comes to an end, I’ve been reviewing the work I’ve done for my SEO clients, and putting together my strategy for the next few months, and in doing so I’ve realized that quite a few of them have the potential to benefit from some increased blogging activities. After all, blogs are a great way to reach new audiences, share information, build relationships, and increase your authority in your industry. So what are the “rules” of blogging, and how …

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Blogging Tips for First Timers & Those Who Need a Reminder

December 16th, 2010 | | Blogging for SEO

Blogging is a great way to help your SEO efforts. It adds content to your site which can help increase your rankings, provides fresh information that can engage visitors and get them to visit again, and it can provide a forum for content that maybe doesn’t quite fit on your website. Beyond SEO though, Blogs can be a great way to help with brand exposure, gain customer insights from comments or feedback, and build brand loyalty. If your clients or …

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Preparing for Social Search: A Case Study on Building Links, Getting likes, and Giving Back

November 2nd, 2010 | | Advanced SEO Tips, Blogging for SEO, Social Media & SEO

Cue social search. Begin thinking about it, begin saying it, and be prepared for your clients and co-workers to begin asking about it. The fight hasn’t quite started, but both of the proverbial heavyweights are in the ring and the bell is about to ring. To elaborate, for SEO professionals to keep up with this model of real-time, personalized search results, the role of the search engine consultant must evolve, adapt, and ultimately, delve into more intricate realms of digital …

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Get Noticed-Optimize Your Press Releases

October 18th, 2010 | | Basic SEO Tips, Blogging for SEO, Crawlability, Link Building, SEO Boy

This is the theme of basically all SEO strategies, and I realize how frustratingly generic this title may sound. But, this blog has to do with good strategies and tools to properly optimize your press releases and news updates so that you can get noticed. Also, it will help you to avoid wasting your time, and probably up your exposure and ranking on SERPs.

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Promotional Calendars, Cute Babies, and SEO

May 17th, 2010 | | Basic SEO Tips, Blogging for SEO

Search Engines like when you update the content on your site, right? And your customers like when you run sales and promotions, yes? Combine the two and you have a nice little recipe for SEO success.

I have an e-commerce client that I do this for and so far it’s worked great. Just about every month of the year we run a sale or promotion that we then advertise with a banner on the homepage of the site. We try and …

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Don’t Be Like Gatorade. Take Care of Your SEO: A Case Study.

May 13th, 2010 | | Blogging for SEO, Nuts & Bolts of Optimization

Money on the Table

In 2010, Gatorade released a new commercial line called “Gatorade has Evolved.” The commercial features a catchy new song by the same title. The jingle even stirred a buzz and a little confusion. The confusion started to make me mad. I was running into what I confirmed where misconceptions about the song:

“It was written by Bo Diddley.”
“It’s an Otis Redding Song.”
“It’s not available …

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Blogging For SEO: Plan For Success

May 10th, 2010 | | Blogging for SEO

Creating a blog can be a fantastic way to do a lot of great things for your site- increase rankings and traffic, spark visitor interest and engagement, and generally enhance the usefulness of your site to users, which can lead to gains both in terms of lead volume and visitor loyalty. It has the potential to be a very powerful interactive tool. But: blogging isn’t going to do any of these things if you don’t do it correctly, and its …

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Cyber Monday Is Over, the Content Push Has Just Begun

December 2nd, 2009 | | Blogging for SEO

Cyber Monday 2009 looks to finally be the day online retailers were hoping for since the tradition began. With close to a billion dollars in retail done in that one day, even with less money spent per shopper than last year, Cyber Monday is finally set to share the stage with Black Friday and usher in the start of the Holiday shopping season.

Were you one of those retailers who benefited from the day? Were your efforts targeted to only that one day? If you said, “yes,” WHY?

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