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Is Google Obeying Your Canonical Tag Directives?

May 21st, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips, Nuts & Bolts of Optimization

So I was cruising through my Twitter feed this morning and ran across links to Stephan Spencer’s latest blog post.  Glad I clicked through, too.  Stephan posits that Google isn’t 100% up-to-speed in following or is simply not obeying the new canonical tag directives.  In a nutshell:
The lesson here: I wouldn’t bet my business on the canonical tag being obeyed by Google.
In his post, Stephan references a specific example of Google’s “disobedience.”  The site in question has instituted …

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What are the Meta Tags ‘NOODP’ and ‘NOYDIR’ Used For in SEO?

May 5th, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips, Nuts & Bolts of Optimization

Recently I came across a client who had <meta name=”robots” content=”NOYDIR” /> and <meta name=”robots” content=”NOODP” /> tags in their meta data and I feel there is need to go in depth on the purpose of these two tags and how they can affect SEO.   A while back we wrote on this topic when the new canonical tag came out. But it’s been a few months and I feel it’s important to highlight the two tags individually.

Let’s talk about …

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Tracking Visitors Between 2 Websites in Google Analytics

April 29th, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips

Recently, we encountered a tracking issue with a client’s website.  What was the problem? Tracking visitors between multiple websites in Google Analytics. So, I thought I’d share the the problem and solution with you, just in case you ever have the same issue.

The website in question has a unique purchasing process that makes it difficult to complete the sales funnel in Google Analytics. This means we were having trouble attributing sales to specific keywords.

Why were we having this problem? …

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SEO Boy’s Super Friends Interview Series: SEO Abroad, Content Licensing and More with Rand Fishkin

April 29th, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips, Interviews, Podcasts

Thanks for joining us for the newest installment of SEO Boy’s Super Friends Interview Series! Today we are delighted to chat with The Wizard of Moz himself, Rand Fishkin! Rand is the brains behind SEOmoz, one of the most respected SEO resources and communities in the world. Rand is also a well-traveled speaker, and just recently returned from engagements at the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference and SMX Sydney.

SEO Boy authors John and Carrie spoke with Rand about the evolution …

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ShoeMoney SEO Marketing Tools Worth Buying

April 27th, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips

We recently started using the Shoemoney SEO marketing tools.  A lot of SEO companies have these tools that help SEO advertisers learn more about their competitors, PageRank, keyword density and so on. But after trying Shoemoney’s SEO tools, I find that his is very cool and incredibly useful.

And by the way, no, ShoeMoney is NOT paying me to write this post. I am writing it purely because I like the tools.  So in this post I’ll go over a …

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Want to Position Yourself as an Expert and Drive Traffic to Your Site? Here’s How!

April 23rd, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips

There are a number of websites that focus on user-generated content and you should take full advantage of these opportunities. Article submission and alternative content distribution can have a plethora of benefits for your SEO campaign and your website.

First, let’s discuss the benefits of article submission and then we’ll discuss which websites accept articles.

Positioning yourself as a thought-leader

If you want to position yourself as a thought-leader in your field, you need to get exposure. You also need to create content …

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Your Internal Linking Structure Can Strength Your Silos

April 17th, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips

In my last post, I discussed the importance of using silos within your SEO strategy and your website architecture. Today, I will focus on how to strengthen your themes and silos through a strategically implemented linking structure

Creating themes within your site architecture

As I mentioned in the previous post, your website should be structured so that all of the pages on your site are contained within themed directory silos. Here is a quick example, if you are selling books, of …

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Benefits and Pitfalls of Buying an Established Domain for SEO

April 12th, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips

What’s in a name?  More specifically, what’s in a domain name?  Aside from being the most prominant feature of your website (Hello! It’s the base of your URL structure!), domain names can play a crucial role in your SEO campaign’s success.  There are plenty of articles floating around about how to find the right domain name at the onset of creating a website and search engine optimization strategy.  But what about buying an established domain that will simply be …

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The Importance of Using Silos in Your SEO Strategy

April 1st, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips


Today, I would like to discuss silos and how they can improve your search engine optimization strategy. No, I don’t mean silos that you would find on a farm. As we know, search engines (and people!) want information to be structured in a logical, easy-to-follow manner that can be reviewed and interpreted efficiently. By implementing silos in your SEO strategy you are creating a system that will be search …

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Every Link, Every Image Is a Chance to Optimize for Your SEO Keywords

March 22nd, 2009 | | Advanced SEO Tips

Today’s post is about an important SEO lesson: opportunities for keyword optimization lay around every corner!  A great deal of websites that I manage SEO campaigns for come to me as completed websites – meaning that I had no part of designing the site.  This means that my job as an SEO is more than just creating content and optimizing for my targeted keywords.  It’s also about carefully reviewing the website for crawlability issues and being resourceful in how …

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