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  • http://twitter.com/jamesmspacey James Spacey

    Guilty! I know I should refresh my meta titles, but just don’t. This was a really interesting and comprehensive case study and I’m going to try it out myself. Just out of interest, do you have any thoughts about why some sites decreased position as a result of the changes? 

    • Abby Henry

      Hi James! Yes, actually. :) Their new strategy involved targeting keywords that they were already ranking for on the first page to help boost their positions for those keywords even more, and they chose not to target those that they weren’t already ranking well for. Therefore, the majority of the keywords they targeted in the new strategy rose in position, while those they chose not to target, that they were already ranking pretty low for, fell in position. Great question! Glad you found the post helpful!

  • http://www.nevermoresearch.com Mike Wilton

     This is probably a stupid question, but can you give an example using a fictitious keyword and business name?  I just want to make sure I understand the structure you guys tested. keyword and business name?  I just want to make sure I understand the structure you guys tested.

    • Abby Henry

      Not a stupid question at all Mike! Here’s a fictitious example:

      Shoes By Ultimate Shoe Store | Running Shoes

      So the breakdown then is:

      Shoes {Keyword} By Ultimate Shoe Store {Company} | Running Shoes {Product}

      You can even add an adjective, provided you have character space, to the product at the end, so in this example it could be Running Shoes or Red Running Shoes. I hope that clears it up for you Mike! Thanks for reading.

  • Marie

    Really enjoyed this article, really need to refresh my meta titles. Before I do this I want to determine where I am currently ranking for keywords I’m already using in my titles. What keyword ranking tool would you recommend? I’ve tried a few but want one that I know works well.


  • Anonymous

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