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About Joe

Profile: I've been looking for an outlet to share my life story, and I think my profile page here at our blog is just the place to do it! Okay, I won't go into that much detail. Right now, anyway. I attended Indiana University and received my degree in English Literature and History. After college I worked for a publishing company; and then I sought to widen my horizons and I packed up my life (literally) and moved to Prague to teach English as a foreign language. It was an amazing experience. I moved back to the US to work at the publishing company where I'd been employed prior to my European excursion. This is when I started dabbling in search marketing. I helped coordinate their SEM efforts and eventually worked my way up to Promotional Services Manager. My interests lie in writing, publishing, marketing and the internet, so Hanapin was a very natural fit for me. I work with a wide variety of clients and I love it. And yes, I'm still using that English degree; I am also a poet. I've pushed three books of poetry, and two spoken word albums. I live with three crazy dogs; 1 mouthy cat; and my wonderful girlfriend, Valerie.

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