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5 Recession Survival Strategies for Your SEO Campaign

Posted By Eric On March 31, 2009 @ 10:00 am In SEO Management | No Comments

These economic changes have caused several companies to tighten belts, decrease spending, and make each dollar spent count for more.  For those in the middle of an SEO campaign, it’s an opportunity to fine-tune your over-arching strategy [1] by thinking of it in a new light -  a new cat-like, swift-ninja kinda light.

1. Get to the Point

Think about your potential customer.  Think about what they want right then.  You have 2 seconds of their attention before they leave.  What do you say?

“We’ve been in business 30 years!”
“We excel at customer service!”
“We have a large inventory!”

With 2 seconds to spare, those statements sound more like bragging.  More specifically, those are features not benefits.  Your customers want something that benefits them.  Don’t blow your SEO efforts by ignoring your customer’s needs.  The previous phrases could be reworded as:

“Don’t get ripped off again”
“Get Answers Now”
“Get what you need. Today”

2. Clear Calls to Action Everywhere

A contact page is not enough to entice a customer to call.  Links to online forms, email or live chat are necessary to quickly engage your visitors.  After each paragraph, breaking up the text with links to click for these actions increase the chance of each visitor clicking somewhere to engage you.

3. Use Flash Like a Spice, Not an Entree

Using Flash to make your site “cool” and “fresh” may make CEOs smile, but the numbers of new clients will really make them smile.  People on the hunt for information or services in this economy don’t want to wait for menus to fly in from an animated pully system.  Put all your main information in HTML and save flash for images or extra touches. [2] Business sites should be quick to load, easy to access from different browsers and cell phones.

4. Incentives for Purchasing

A free gift goes a long way to solidify a client’s spending on your product or services.  Free shipping has been a long standing incentive, but if everyone does gives free shipping, it won’t make your offer stand out.  Percentages off an order can be helpful but aren’t as solid as actual dollar amounts.  Free trinkets do a lot of good to seal a deal.  I admit that my desk is full of “free gifts” and “samples” that got me to choose one near identical company over another.

5. Communicate With Your Customer Base

Keeping your customers in the loop through email or social networking of what you are doing and how they fit in is essential.  Contact your customers with your latest offer.  Get a survey on what they are thinking, but do you research.  Seperate your clients by how they participated.  If you don’t they will wonder if you really care at all.  “I’ve already done that!” is one phrase you don’t want to hear.  Not interacting with your customers opens a doorway for your competition to talk to them instead.  If you have happy customers, encourage them to write reviews on different sites such as Google Maps, City Reviews or Angieslist.   Online reviews will help big in your SEO efforts and in sealing your online reputation and that is all part of your SEO campaign.

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